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Guillaume Charlin, MD & Senior Partner, BCG

Making sustainability in retail a reality

Guillaume Charlin

Sustainability has become a strategic priority for retail businesses, and some of the world’s largest retailers are making real headway in significantly reducing the climate impact along their value chains or embedding sustainable behavior throughout their own organizations. It is a positive sign that the retail sector as a whole is taking sustainability more and more seriously. However, most of the retailers fall within the “opportunistic initiatives” stage of the journey. While they have set bold ambitions, they have not yet achieved the full integration of sustainability into their corporate strategy and throughout the organization. What are the biggest hurdles retailers are currently facing in making sustainability a reality? How can they successfully overcome these hurdles? And what are the benefits they can harness from putting sustainability at the center?

Nathalie Ochalek, Relationship Manager & Steven Epprecht, Co-Founder, Strategy Leaders

Influencers: content creators, multipliers or just an artificial waste of budget?


Influencers are used by just about every consumer goods company these days. Discount codes here, artificially posed photos there and lots of marketing budget used for such activations. While discount codes provide the illusion of great direct revenue and sales, isn’t brand awareness the true goal of an influencer campaign? And can influencers really generate better sales than the actual sales force? How do you use the power of influencers correctly, when is it overused and which concepts lead to success? Together, we critically scrutinise the influencer landscape and guide you towards the answers to these questions.