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Pieter Zwart, CEO, Coolblue

Anything for a smile

Pieter Zwart

In 2021, the e-commerce company achieved a record turnover of € 2.3 bn, an increase of about 18% compared to 2020. Due to investments in growth in Germany, the launch of Coolblue Energy, and further automation of their warehouse in the Dutch city of Tilburg, the operating profit (adjusted EBITDA) for 2021 was € 91 million with a stable net promoter score at 67.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Dombret, Global Sr. Advisor, Oliver Wyman & former Executive Board Member, Deutsche Bundesbank

The three “i’s”: invasion, inflation, interest rates

Andreas Dombret

Since early 2022, the world order has changed in a way which seemed unthinkable: adding to the economic challenges which were induced by the pandemic, the war in Ukraine added another layer of economic uncertainty, with significant commercial knock-on effects: soaring inflation led to recession scenarios in many parts of the world. Rising interest rates trigger significantly reduced levels of consumption in the private sector, in particular non-essential consumer goods. How to de-couple the individual macroeconomic and commercial effects? How to shed light on potential scenarios and the years ahead?

After a career in banking with Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Rothschild and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Prof. Dr. Andreas Dombret served on the board of Deutsche Bundesbank, on the Supervisory Board of the European Central Bank (ECB) and on the board of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). Among other assignments, Andreas is also a global senior advisor at Oliver Wyman.

Jan Lorbach, Sr. Director Strategic Insights, GfK

Focus amidst disruptions – vital pillars bolstering 2030 strategies

Jan Lorbach

When day-to-day challenges are high on the agenda, it is often hard to stay focused on long-term success strategies. These are grounded in mirroring or anticipating changing consumer demands and expectations. With new purchase journeys on- and offline, social selling and metaverse on the horizon, what does it take to impress customers who increasingly embrace sustainability and brands with a purpose? What can we take away from today’s research, as new business models come to life and concepts like owning and belonging may fundamentally change? Jan will outline how retail must be prepared today to be successful in 2030.

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