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Gregor Ulitzka, Director EU Supply Chain Programs, Amazon Europe

Customers is the key and speed matters – Understanding Amazon’s supply chain!


Amazon strives to be the most customer-centric company. This means that availability, delivery speed and keeping promises to customers are the most important drivers when designing the Amazon Fulfilment network. These ambitions drove Amazon’s investment in their fulfillment network over the last two decades. To get the customer promise to the next level it is crucial to innovate and collaborate in the supply chain from production to customer. How can Amazon and manufacturers cooperate in the supply chain to delight customers? What are the similarities and differences in serving a supply chains for online and offline stores? Gregor Ulitzka will guide us through Amazon’s distinctive innovations and challenges in the supply chain.

Lucas Perraudin, Head of AR/VR Sales EMEA, Facebook

Beyond the Online to Physical commerce chasm, getting to chapter two


We all know that retail is in a major mutation process moving to omnichannel. Chapter one is characterized by the move from brick and mortar to .com sites and pure play, and a redesign of customer journeys. Chapter two of this transformation is about to start with user journeys becoming shorter through fusion of upper and lower funnel, conversational commerce, enhanced reality in discovery.

Dr. Martin Schulte, Partner, Global sector lead consumer durables, Oliver Wyman

Unleashing the dragon: A perspective on China


China is fast-forwarding its evolution across manufacturing, technology development and retailing. Perspectives on China are divided between those who see significant opportunity on the one hand and increasing threats and risks on the other. Local manufacturers have evolved from being simply a work bench to creating branded competition. Two leading retail conglomerates own the country and set out to own the rest of the world, too. Their capabilities are impressive and not confined to national borders. What does it take to be successful in this market in the years to come? How will local retailers evolve and what do we need to prepare for across Europe?

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