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Smart home, Making the smart home a reality

Young shoppers attitudes to physical stores

This creates opportunities for brick and click retailers to challenge the purely online players, some of which – like eBay and Amazon – are responding by migrating out of their virtual comfort zone to investigate the high street. Global Young Shopper survey questioned shoppers aged 16 – 21 in ten markets around the world. Here’s what they told us about their online and offline shopping experiences.

Omnichannel has moved from opportunity to necessity

The advent of digital has changed – and continues to change – the way we shop for everything, from clothes to cars.The latest research from GfK shows that rather than seeing digital as a one stop shop, consumers are enjoying an omnichannel shopping experience that blends digital with traditional bricks and mortar retailers to create a newkind of purchase journey.

Internet Vs. Store- Based retailing: The global move towards omnichannels.

As consumers continue to blend their off-line and on-line activities, from “showrooming” and retail apps to sofa shopping and click-and-collect, the lines between internet retailing, e-commerce and physical retailing are becoming increasingly blurred. Big retailers are taking an “omnichannel” approach by merging their offline, on-line and mobile capabilities to create a seamless experience for shoppers. This report studies the impact of omnichannel trends on global retailing.

Technical Consumer goods: Time to say goodbye to stores?

For better or worse, online retail will continue to siphon turnover from stationary retail. And the more comparable the products, the more long-lasting the shift of turnover from stationary by online retail. Technical consumer goods (TCG) retailers and manufacturers have been among the first to discover this. Multi-media products and consumer electronics sales have gone through the (virtual) roof of online retail, leaving point of sale-oriented retail expansion planners vacillating in recent years between denial, panic and fatalism.