Shipments of tablets decline by 28% in Q1

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In Q1, about 47 million tablets will be delivered shipped worldwide, according to Digitimes Research. That would constitute a 28.6% decline from last quarter and an 8.6% year-on-year slowdown.

Apple will represent 21% of global shipments. The Apple brand is expected to ship 9.8 million iPad to its distributors in Q1/2016. This would represent a sharp drop by 39% compared to the previous quarter and nearly 20% year on year.

Shipments Q 1 top down by brands:

Samsung Electronics14%
Huawei Device4%
Asutek Computer2.70%
LG Electronics Acer1.20%

The 7-inch models will account for 35.4% ofshipments,7.9 inches13.8%6.1%8 inches, 9 inches23.8%10.1%10inchand11inch10.8%more.

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