SES-imagotag: Bringing offline and online commerce back together

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Try, experiment, touch and visualize the omnichannel commerce of tomorrow

In a world where in-store and online shopping converge, price, content, loyalty cards and means of payment synchronize; omnichannel solutions have become vital for any retailer who wants to offer a seamless shopping experience between their brand, their stores and their clients. This is the strategic challenge of retail; in this new era of ubiquitous commerce, retail must offer an ultra-high level of service that blends the best of both worlds -the benefits of digital technology and the five-sense experience of in-store shopping.

SES imagotag

Only omnichannel retailers can bring this experience and its benefits to shoppers, but only if stores achieve their digital transformation. Physical stores have to become perfectly connected and ultra-efficient environments, where highly time-consuming tasks are automated, out-of-stocks are always detected, and the purchase journey is made easy. Stores need to be reinvented to become interactive and perfectly synchronized with e-commerce.

SES imagotag

When set up with the right technology, such as the one developed by SES-imagotag, digital price tags can become an omnichannel IoT weapon for retailers wishing to fight back against e-commerce pure players. The tags produced by the global leader of this technology are fully connected thanks to integrated NFC chips and QR codes displayed on the e-paper displays. This means that customers, who are still very attached to stores, are able to interact with products in-store while waiting for a sales assistant to help in their purchase. Information is key nowadays in the buying process and customers will often check online for reviews or advice before making a decision. By bringing that knowledge to the store, physical retailers can offer the same online services to their shoppers in-store. Our innovations create solutions for retailers to succeed in the digital transformation of physical commerce. During the 2017 European TCG Retail Summit, attendees can try, experiment, touch and visualize the omnichannel commerce of tomorrow.

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