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Rik Esselink, Managing Director Europe, Ring, tells us a little more about his star product — the video doorbell — and how / why it stands out in the market…

Ring was the first of its kind and the Ring Video Doorbell is the first – and still only – battery-operated video doorbell available. The product lets the user monitor and protect his or her home from a smartphone, tablet or PC. Each doorbell has a built-in microphone, speaker and one-way video, so the user can see, hear and speak to wanted – or unwanted – visitors from anywhere.

With major sales in the USA, how are your product sales evolving in Europe, and which zones are the “sweet spots”?

We’ve seen great enthusiasm as home security awareness grows. We’re already a top player in the UK’s connected home security space and
we launched in France and Germany earlier this year. Our mission is to reduce crime in neighbourhoods and help neighbours stay informed about local crime. There is a huge need for this across Europe. We make it easy and accessible with the right products at the right time, so anyone can create a Ring of Security around their home.

Consumer electronics and DIY channels are our top two channels. All our products are available to buy from Ring.com, as well as selected online retailers.

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