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Disruption is the new normal in retailing. Retailer, industry and other stakeholders along the value chain are in full speed of their transformation path. Learn from the latest successful transformation models, new tools and services and how you can benefit from this shared knowledge at the upcoming International TCG Retail Summit.
Please note, due to exclusive event format, that the number of participants is limited. The conference will be held in English.

More than a conference concept

The International TCG Retail Summit combines today´s retail and future, established values and innovation, best practice and analysis.
We offer more than a simple congress concept or a standard exhibition.
The focus is on interaction. High level presentations will be actively analyzed by domain experts: the guest speakers will face the antithesis of international senior management from Europe´s leading retailers and industry captains in direct discussion or panel format.
See real world examples of how technology is disrupting and changing the way that shoppers shop and retailers retail by visiting the innovation zone. The innovation zone will showcase the latest in technological innovations that both disrupt the way we retail today and power the retail experience of the future.

Structure of the summit 2022

May 17:
Pre-summit welcome reception (ends at 21:00)
May 18:
Registration and networking session opens
Begin conference
End of conference first day
Dinner reception
Exclusive networking dinner
May 19:
Begin conference second day
End of conference

Program 2022

Program to be announced at the end of January
October 6
Registration and networking session opens
Welcome by Chris Buecker, Founder of the International TCG Retail Summit & Conference Host's opening remarks

Declan Curry, Journalist and Business Broadcaster

Declan Curry

Declan Curry has been a business and economics journalist for twenty five years. He has presented and reported for BBC television, radio and online in the UK and internationally. He has also worked for UK commercial radio, for television and radio in the United States and Australia, and been published in newspapers and business magazines in the UK, Ireland and the USA. He chairs conferences and seminars around the globe, and is in demand as an awards host and public speaker. He has won several awards for his broadcasting and is an honorary Doctor of Middlesex University, London.

Evolving behaviors – same consumer?

Michael McLaughlin, VP Retail, GfK


Disruption and acceleration of trends asks for new approaches to meet elevated consumer expectations.
The retail landscape saw a decade of change in just one year. Long term shopping habits were broken almost overnight, and post COVID-19, a different world exists. In his keynote, Michael will explain how the pandemic-borne shifts in consumer priorities and values should provide the context for future brand and retail strategies.

Speaker's Bio

Recruited as an apprentice, Michael quickly became the youngest Store Manager in a top 4 UK grocer. Learning retail at the sharp end, this naturally led to other roles; he is now VP for Retail at GfK. With 130K partnerships and over $1.15 Trillion sales tracked per annum, Michael and his team help retailers to understand the signal from the noise in increasingly complex and disrupted markets. Michael also established his own successful retail business which he sold in 2014, and now uses this experience to support local people hoping to start their own ventures. A family man with 3 teenagers, when not working he enjoys travelling, walking, swimming and skiing.

Panel discussion
Questions & answers with audience
Raising the bar – how to get even closer to your customer in the new reality

Markus Hepp, Managing Director & Senior Partner, BCG 

Markus Hepp

With the COVID-19 crisis slowly starting to fade a new reality is unfolding across the TCG sector. It becomes very clear that the many months in lockdown have made a strong impact on consumers and brought one thing first and foremost: a massive acceleration of changes in the buying behavior that have been driving the industry already in the years before the crisis. As a consequence consumers are more willing than ever to change their retailer of choice for one that better suits their needs. How can TCG retailers in this decisive moment get even closer to their customers and leave the crisis as winner in the market? Markus Hepp will be sharing industry best practices and most important actions for retailers to compete in this changing market.

Speaker's Bio

Markus Hepp joined The Boston Consulting Group in 2001 and is a Senior Partner at the Cologne office. He is the sector leader for Retail in Europe as part of BCG’s Consumer Goods & Retail practice. Due to his extensive project work, Markus has broad experience in various retail sectors (food and non-food) and deep expertise in diverse consumer goods categories.

Markus holds an MBA from Columbia Business School in New York. Furthermore, he holds a Diploma in physics from the University of Cologne, including a one-year research residence at NTT in Tokyo and an International diploma in semiconductor science and technology from Imperial College in London.

Panel discussion
Questions & answers with audience
Voice assistance – your new battle for shoppers and data

Jon Stine, Executive Director, Open Voice Network

Jon Stine

Voice assistance is now re-shaping the relationship between shoppers and retailers. We’re in early days, but it’s clear that voice assistance is a technology for flawless digital customer service. For no-touch, hygienic warehouse and in-store support. For instant purchasing and easy search. For listening to and understanding your shoppers. When done well, it’s a one-way passage into membership programs and brand loyalty. It’s also a nearly endless source of personal data. This is not just a new technology. This is a behavioral, social, ethical, and legal phenomenon that will reward early adopters and leave others behind. Join Jon Stine, Executive Director of the Open Voice Network, an open-source community of the Linux Foundation, for an overview (and action plan) of voice assistance and retail.

Speaker's Bio

Jon Stine leads The Open Voice Network, a non-profit global association dedicated to artificial intelligence-enabled voice assistance that is open: standards-based, interoperable, accessible to all, and data-protected. He brings to this role a rare blend of retail business and technology experience, starting the U.S. women’s apparel business and then heading retail-consumer goods sales and strategy practices at global tech giants Intel and Cisco. Jon stepped away from his worldwide leadership role at Intel at the beginning of 2019 to develop and build the Open Voice Network.
When not traveling on business, he resides in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Panel discussion
Questions & answers with audience
Deliver higher result through diversity!

Ami Silverman, Corporate VP, Microsoft

Therese Friberg

Several studies show that companies with at least some women in executive roles delivered higher growth and higher bottom-line than ones with complete male leadership teams. In our industry, a majority of the buying decisions are taken by female consumers, yet only very few of the senior business positions are held by women. If both these facts are well known, how can it still be like this? Why is it not changing faster? Ami will have a discussion with the conference host on this important topic and what needs to happen to drive this change.

Speaker's Bio
Panel discussion
Questions & answers with audience

Official announcement of 2021 award winners in the following categories:

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  • Brand of the Year
  • Retailer Relevance Award
Customers are key and speed matters – how to keep customer promises in disrupted times

Gregor Ulitzka, Director EU Supply Chain Programs, Amazon Europe

Gregor Ulitzka

Amazon strives to be the most customer-centric company. This means that availability, delivery speed and keeping the promise to the customer are the most important drivers when designing the Amazon Fulfilment Network. These ambitions drove Amazon’s investment in their fulfillment network over the last two decades. The disruption the Covid pandemic and the Suez Canal incident has introduced to the world-wide supply chain demonstrated, how an end-to-end supply chain view is core to stick to your customer promise. How can Amazon and manufacturers cooperate in the supply chain in the long-run? What are the similarities and differences in serving supply chains for online and offline stores? Gregor Ulitzka will guide you through Amazon’s peculiarities, innovations and challenges in the supply chain.

Speaker's Bio

Gregor Ulitzka is heading the EU Supply Chain Programs of Amazon, which connect the vendors with Amazon’s retail supply chain. Located in the Amazon European Headquarters in Luxembourg, his retail teams work across all Categories and European countries, including offices in Asia with proximity to the vendor’s production. He leads initiatives like the Direct Import, Dropship or the European consolidation services. Besides, he is engaged in the hiring and talent development activities of Amazon. Gregor has been in Amazon for 6 years, initially focusing the Private Brands Program and then focusing on developing the Amazon Supply chain programs across EU. Before Amazon, he spent 13 years in offline retail with Metro Group, where he held various positions in Procurement, Category Management and Supply Chain leading amongst other initiative the implementation of global e-procurement and supply chain solutions across 20 countries.

Panel discussion
Questions & answers with audience
Sustainability and purpose-oriented growth

Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO, Arcelik

Hakan Bulgurlu

A leading businessman and environmentalist, Hakan Bulgurlu takes a deep dive into the concept of “purpose-driven” companies in this age of disruption, while sharing insights on the adaptability of sustainability goals to business models. Bulgurlu focuses on how Arçelik and Beko perform in their sustainability journey as consumer behaviour continues to evolve under extraordinary circumstances. Why should companies adopt purpose-driven business models? Where’s the upside for stakeholders? Can sustainability goals and profitability go hand in hand? Bulgurlu answers these questions and offers his perspective on what it means to be a “force for good” in today’s economic landscape.

Speaker's Bio

Hakan Bulgurlu is the CEO of Arçelik, a leading global manufacturer of home appliances with brands that hold prominent leadership positions across global markets, including Beko and Grundig. Under his leadership, Hakan Bulgurlu has helped grow the company into an inclusive, sustainable, and responsible business. His vision turned Arçelik into an Industry Leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index that has succeeded in becoming carbon-neutral in global production with its own carbon credits, achieving a major move and an industry first.

He is an experienced speaker at global conferences on topics such as climate change, the environment and green business. To support the efforts for a transition to a low carbon economy, he joined the High-Level Commission on Carbon Pricing at the World Bank. Hakan is a member of the Young Presidents Organization and a founding member of Amstel Dialogues, a CEO round table of European leaders that aims to increase the speed of European innovation.

Panel discussion
Questions & answers with audience
18:00 End of conference program day 1
19:00 Dinner reception
20:00 Exclusive networking dinner
October 7
08:15 Conference Host’s opening remarks
Stronger collaboration between retail and industry to boost efficiency

Andrea Scozzoli, Chief Corporate Development, Unieuro, & President, Aires

Andrea Scozzoli

EDIEL is a retail-industry co-project aimed at standardizing EDI across retailers and industry via a single protocol. Ten years since its launch, it is still the only initiative of its type in the CE sector worldwide. In today’s hyper-competitive market focused on consumers and quickly changing business paradigms, affected by disruptive difficulties created by the worldwide lockdown, but also of great opportunity to ride technology with more determination, there is limited space for inefficiency and over-engineered back office and complex administrative processes. Resources and investments have to be primarily focused on consumers’ changing habits and technology development rather than individual customized back office and supply chain processes which may not bring added value or competitive advantage. Through EDIEL, a project co-founded by retailer and industry associations, the adoption of a single EDI standard has the enormous advantages of reducing cost by up to 75% via a global protocol for the entire order cycle and logistics process. EDIEL has also centralized the product catalogues into a simplified yet high quality real time product spec for the entire CE sector. EDIEL is now planning expansion at European level to share the same efficiency advantage across all European countries.

Speaker's Bio

Andrea Scozzoli has been a leading figure and top executive in the TCG sector since 1994. He has a wealth of experience in general management, mergers and acquisitions, new business development, turn-arounds, debt restructuring, and project management. After graduating with an economics degree from Bologna University, he became an accredited business accountant and auditor, working for three years at KPMG’s Bologna office. During his long career at Unieuro – Italy’s leading consumer electronics retailer – Andrea has held many positions including CFO, Co-CEO and now Chief Corporate Development Officer. He is also Chairman of AIRES – the Italian association for consumer electronics retailers – and Board member of the EuCer Committee – the European consumer electronics retail council.

Panel discussion
Questions & answers with audience
Magnetic consumer relationships in Asia: new standards for the Western world?

Dr. Martin Schulte, Partner & Global Sector Leader, Consumer Durables, Oliver Wyman

Martin Schulte

Mastering consumer engagement has become the recipe for success across the TCG sector and beyond. While we see Western companies take first steps towards building ecosystems of their own, alternative revenue models and a shift towards consumer lifetime value, Asian players are typically well ahead already. These companies were able to use the past 18 months to further accelerate concepts and technology to create true magnetic attraction for consumers across social media, 3rd party platforms and the myriad of mini programs on Wechat, to name just a few examples. What does it take to compete in an increasingly consumer-centric environment? What are the strategic plays in the market and how can ever be turned profitable? We will take a look behind the curtain.

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Martin Schulte is a Partner at Oliver Wyman’s Consumer Goods Practice and acts as Global Sector Leader of the company’s activities in the consumer durables space. He serves leading brands in the radically changing consumer goods space, focusing on go-to-market strategies, price and margin management as well as consumer activation and loyalty. These areas of expertise frequently lead him to countries with elevated levels of centralization and high degrees of challenge, like China or Russia. He has authored numerous publications on the evolving success factors in these areas of the world and lived in China for several years where he still spends a significant amount of his time.

Panel discussion
Questions & answers with audience
How leading a business has evolved because of COVID-19

Carsten Olesen, President Consumer Audio, HARMAN International

Carsten Olesen

If the business world learned anything from the global pandemic, it underscored the need for leadership to be visible, caring, authentic, and sustainable. I like to call the focus of my approach the four Cs.
Caring: еmployees are a company’s greatest asset and competitive advantage. They are a reflection of management, and it is important to listen, learn, and have empathy to establish an authentic relationship.
Communications: keys to surviving and thriving in the pandemic year have been visibility, sustainability and solidarity. Maintaining regular and frequent communications across all regions, businesses and functions to ensure transparency and trust is critical.
Continuity: means frequently reiterating the Vision, Mission and Purpose of our business including our strategic pillars and related initiatives to continuously align the whole organization, teams and regions towards our common goals and objectives.
Customer Commitments: despite headwinds, supply and logistics challenges, new ways of doing business and more, it is paramount to focus on the delivery of customer milestones and commitments as a shared goal.

Speaker's Bio

Carsten Olesen started his career with HARMAN in 1999. He started as a Brand Director for HARMAN International, then moved to the Sales organization, where he was responsible for Commercial Strategy, Execution of Business Plan, Strategic Account Development, and Commercial and Distribution Policy.
In January 2009 he became the Commercial Director for HARMAN International in the EMEA Region. In 2012 he moved to the position of GM & VP of the EMEA Region. Under his leadership, the EMEA organization has undergone massive growth, as has the Consumer Audio Market.
In June, 2019, Mr. Olesen was promoted to the position of President of the Consumer Audio Division. In this role, Carsten leads Global Consumer Audio business including the Engineering and Design functions. In 2020, he won the prestigious International TCG Leadership Award from the Grand Jury, comprised of the top executives of the leading tech retailers across Europe.
He is based at the HARMAN EMEA Headquarters located in Amsterdam, in The Netherlands.

Carsten Olesen holds both engineering and business administration degrees.

Panel discussion
Questions & answers with audience
Customer engagement through technology-driven approach

Stejara Pircan, VP Electronics & Consumables, eMAG

Iulian Stanciu

The COVID-19 crisis forced customers to adopt a digital-first life and tested the ability of retailers and brands to address customer’s needs in a new way. Today’s customers expect to see products available anytime and to access them as soon as possible in a simplest way from the comfort of their homes from any devices.
From video content, digital assistants and live chat, eMAG was quick in providing customers with new tools to support them throughout their journey. The company made significant investments in launching new services to serve them in the new normal: one-hour delivery services or international deliveries as well as expanding abroad last mile delivery easybox network or launching premium service Genius.In her speech, Stejara will explore the means by which eMAG understands the customer and how it elevates this journey in a way that brings value to brands and deliver unmatched customer experience.

Speaker's Bio

Stejara Pircan, VP Electronics & Consumables eMAG has been leading the commercial strategy of the company for several years in Romania and throughout the region playing a key role in the largest sales event in Romania, Black Friday, which marks its 11th edition this year.

Stejara contributed significantly to many initiatives that eMAG launched during the past year to respond to the new realities generated by the COVID-2020 pandemic, including new categories of products in range. She has a deep understanding of the business after leading multiple projects in various areas from customer engagement and trade marketing to supply chain.

Panel discussion
Questions & answers with audience
Vertical restraints – can competition rules keep up with market trends?

Fiona Carlin, Partner, Baker McKenzie

Fiona Carlin

The European Commission has launched the review of the EU competition rules governing distribution. It is generally accepted that the rules provide helpful legal certainty – a safe harbour – but they need updating to reflect market developments. The debate on how to reshape the law in this important area will touch on many interesting topics – some new, some old. Should resale price maintenance be treated more leniently? Should selective distribution be limited to luxury or high tech products? Should the list of prohibited hard-core restrictions be expanded to include online platform bans, retail MFNs and retail channelling (segmentation of retailers based on their price levels/pricing practices)? Should the competition rules govern data – who owns it, who can share it, for what purpose?

Speaker's Bio

Fiona Carlin is a Partner and Chief Executive of Baker McKenzie’s EMEA+ Region. She is the former Chair of the Firm’s Global Competition and Antitrust Practice comprising more than 320 lawyers in over 40 countries. Fiona chairs the European Advisory Board of Catalyst, a non-profit organisation dedicated to expanding opportunities for women in business. She was a founding member of Baker McKenzie’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Fiona has been listed in “The International Who’s Who of Competition Lawyers” since 2009, and is among Global Competition Review’s Top 100 Women in Antitrust. Chambers quotes clients as citing her “legal and pragmatic advice” and describing her as “globally minded”.

Panel discussion
Questions & answers with audience
Go East – the Alibaba ecosystem as gateway to the Chinese consumer for European brands

Karl Wehner, Managing Director Germany, Austria, Switzerland, CEE and Turkey, Alibaba Group

Karl Wehner

China’s fast growing consumer market offers many opportunities for brands and retailers, but it is important to understand the Chinese consumer. Karl Wehner, Managing Director Germany, Austria, Switzerland, CEE and Turkey of Alibaba Group, will give an overview of the Alibaba ecosystem, provide insights into the Chinese consumer and how international brands can grow through Alibaba’s marketplaces in China.

Speaker's Bio

Karl Wehner was appointed Managing Director Germany, Austria and Switzerland in July 2017. He is responsible for helping partners across key European markets access the Alibaba Ecosystem and brings over fifteen years of experience in the digital commerce space to the role. Karl started his e-commerce career at Amazon Germany in 1999, where he launched and managed the Amazon Marketplace business and was also responsible for the launch of Amazon’s co-branded credit card. Before joining Alibaba, Karl successfully built a 3rd party marketplace for Takealot.com in Cape Town, which has become South Africa´s largest e-commerce company.

15:30 End of conference

Venue Information
The luxury hotel is located in Petit Saconnex, a residential area in the northwestern part of the city, and has views of Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva. Over the years the hotel has hosted an elite clientele, including 400 heads of state, nearly 4,000 government ministers, many ambassadors, political figures, performing artists, and sports personalities.
If you want to benefit from exclusive room rates, please make an individual reservation by mentioning the group’s name International TCG Retail Summit by phone: +41 22 919 3255 (Jennyfer Desprez) or email: jennyfer.desprez@ihg.com