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Disruption is the new normal in retailing. Retailer, industry and other stakeholders along the value chain are in full speed of their transformation path. Learn from the latest successful transformation models, new tools and services and how you can benefit from this shared knowledge at the upcoming International TCG Retail Summit.
Please note, due to exclusive event format, that the number of participants is limited. The conference will be held in English.

More than a conference concept

The International TCG Retail Summit combines today´s retail and future, established values and innovation, best practice and analysis.
We offer more than a simple congress concept or a standard exhibition.
The focus is on interaction. High level presentations will be actively analyzed by domain experts: the guest speakers will face the antithesis of international senior management from Europe´s leading retailers and industry captains in direct discussion or panel format.
See real world examples of how technology is disrupting and changing the way that shoppers shop and retailers retail by visiting the innovation zone. The innovation zone will showcase the latest in technological innovations that both disrupt the way we retail today and power the retail experience of the future.

Program 2020

March 31:
Pre-summit welcome reception (ends at 21:00)
April 1:
Registration and networking session opens
Begin conference
End of conference day 1
Dinner reception
Exclusive networking dinner
April 2:
Begin conference day 2
End of conference day 2

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Program 2020

Registration and networking session opens
Welcome by Chris Buecker, Founder of the International TCG Retail Summit & Conference Host's opening remarks

Declan Curry, Journalist and Business Broadcaster

Declan Curry

Declan Curry has been a business and economics journalist for twenty five years. He has presented and reported for BBC television, radio and online in the UK and internationally. He has also worked for UK commercial radio, for television and radio in the United States and Australia, and been published in newspapers and business magazines in the UK, Ireland and the USA. He chairs conferences and seminars around the globe, and is in demand as an awards host and public speaker. He has won several awards for his broadcasting and is an honorary Doctor of Middlesex University, London.

Retail as usual? Think twice!

Michael Haas, Global Retail Director, GfK

Michael Haas

The retail landscape is changing together with ever-evolving consumer needs and preferences. The desire for premium products, often powered by superior high-end features, has been driving the growth in the market for tech and durable goods. The why behind the buy of such products can range from expressing identity to satisfying functional use-cases. Consumers are also looking for products which simplify their lives and they are even ready to pay more for such products. This demonstrates their expectation that these products come with the promise of convenience, time or energy-saving and ease of usage, often driven by smart-related features and voice interaction. With physical and digital channels merging and borders between them blurring, providing the consumer with enhanced experiences in a seamless manner is reaching new dimensions. The overarching objective is delivering rich experiences, valued by the customer.

Speaker's Bio

Michael Haas, Global Retail Director, is an experienced leader specialized in fact-based strategy consulting of leading global retail companies. He looks back to more than 25 years of experience in market research focusing on analytics and fact-based consulting for top industry and retail clients. Michael joint GfK in 2010 as Senior Manager first driving successfully the development of TCG clients and from 2018 on as Head of Retail leading GfKs Retail division for Central Europe. In his current position, he is now responsible for GfKs top retail clients leveraging the partnerships and strategy to lead the way through digital transformation.

Panel discussion
Questions & answers with audience
Your shopper is speaking: how voice assistance is now changing shopping, from search to service. And where voice-driven commerce will be by 2023

Jon Stine, Executive Director, Open Voice Network

Jon Stine

Voice assistance. It’s now re-shaping the entire shopper path to purchase, from search (250 billion inquiries last year) to post-sale service. For retailers, voice can create a high-loyalty bond between your brand and your shoppers – or, if you’re not watching closely, cause you to lose your shoppers entirely. Join Jon Stine, Executive Director of the Open Voice Network for this fast-paced look at the industry implications of this transformative technology.

Speaker's Bio

Jon Stine leads The Open Voice Network, a non-profit global association dedicated to artificial intelligence-enabled voice assistance that is open: standards-based, interoperable, accessible to all, and data-protected. He brings to this role a rare blend of retail business and technology experience, starting the U.S. women’s apparel business and then heading retail-consumer goods sales and strategy practices at global tech giants Intel and Cisco. Jon stepped away from his worldwide leadership role at Intel at the beginning of 2019 to develop and build the Open Voice Network.
When not traveling on business, he resides in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Panel discussion
Questions & answers with audience
Customers are key and speed matters – understanding Amazon’s supply chain

Gregor Ulitzka, Director EU Supply Chain Programs, Amazon Europe

Gregor Ulitzka

Amazon strives to be the most customer-centric company. This means that availability, delivery speed and keeping the promise to the customer are the most important drivers when designing the Amazon Fulfilment network. These ambitions drove Amazon’s investment in their fulfillment network over the last two decades. To get the customer promise to the next level it is important to innovate and collaborate in the supply chain end-to-end from production to customer. How can Amazon and manufacturers cooperate in the supply chain to delight customers? What are the similarities and differences in serving supply chains for online and offline stores? Gregor Ulitzka will guide you through Amazon’s peculiarities, innovations and challenges in the supply chain.

Speaker's Bio

Gregor Ulitzka is heading the EU Supply Chain Programs of Amazon, which connect the vendors with Amazon’s retail supply chain. Located in the Amazon European Headquarters in Luxembourg, his retail teams work across all Categories and European countries, including offices in Asia with proximity to the vendor’s production. He leads initiatives like the Direct Import, Dropship or the European consolidation services. Besides, he is engaged in the hiring and talent development activities of Amazon. Gregor has been in Amazon for 6 years, initially focusing the Private Brands Program and then focusing on developing the Amazon Supply chain programs across EU. Before Amazon, he spent 13 years in offline retail with Metro Group, where he held various positions in Procurement, Category Management and Supply Chain leading amongst other initiative the implementation of global e-procurement and supply chain solutions across 20 countries.

Panel discussion
Questions & answers with audience
Beyond the online to physical commerce chasm, getting to chapter two

Lucas Perraudin, Head of AR/VR Sales, Facebook

Lucas Perraudin

We all know that retail is undergoing major transformations as it moves to omnichannel. Chapter one is characterized by the move from brick and mortar to .com sites and pure play, and a redesign of customer journeys. Now chapter two of this transformation is beginning; with user journeys becoming shorter through fusion of upper and lower funnel, conversational commerce, and enhanced reality in discovery.

Speaker's Bio

Lucas Perraudin is head of AR/VR sales at Facebook. His team works closely with European channels to bring Facebook’s AR / VR technologies and products to the widest audience, accelerating technology adoption. Lucas previously held various responsibilities for hp inc. He has recently been Vice President of Retail Sales for Europe and General Manager of the e-commerce business unit. Prior to that, he has held various positions in sales such as channel manager in Africa, led the integration of Palm inc. in hp entities in Europe, EMEA category management of PC products.

Panel discussion
Questions & answers with audience
Deliver higher result through diversity!

Therese Friberg, CFO, Electrolux

Therese Friberg

Several studies show that companies with at least some women in executive roles delivered higher growth and higher bottom-line than ones with complete male leadership teams. In our industry, a majority of the buying decisions are taken by female consumers, yet only very few of the senior business positions are held by women. If both these facts are well known, how can it still be like this? Why is it not changing faster? Therese will have a discussion with the conference host on this important topic and what needs to happen to drive this change.

Speaker's Bio

Therese Friberg is Chief Financial Officer a member of Group Management of Electrolux since 2018. She is a business-minded CFO responsible for the finance function of 2000 employees, which includes everything from business controlling to transactional shared service, accounting, tax and treasury. She is embracing change and is driving the function to be ready for a constantly changing environment. Therese holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and has been employed at Electrolux since 1999. She has held several senior management positions at Electrolux previous to this one, like Head of Group Business Control, Controller for Kitchen products in EMEA and lately CFO of Electrolux Major Appliances EMEA.

Questions & answers with audience

Official announcement of 2020 award winners in the following categories:

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  • Sustainability
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  • Brand of the Year
  • Retailer Relevance Award
Global workforce crisis – Future of work and skills

Rainer Strack, Senior Partner and Managing Director, BCG

Rainer Strack

“Will we run out of people before we run out of jobs — or the other way around”? Megatrends like digital and aging will have major implications for companies and governments, particularly on the people side in the next decade. In this talk, Rainer will elaborate on the repercussions and will show data and insights based on several BCG studies, looking into hundreds of megatrends, studying 95 million job postings, interviewing 366,000 job seekers, and identifying a lot of best practices for companies and governments. He will touch on strategic workforce planning, digital upskilling and reskilling, agile transformations, and cultural change.

Speaker's Bio

Rainer Strack is a Managing Director and Senior Partner at the Düsseldorf office of The Boston Consulting Group. He has led the HR topic at BCG for 10 years, he was the head of the BCG practice area People & Organization in Europe, Middle East and Africa for more than 10 years and he leads BCG’s Social Impact practice in Germany. In 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017 the journal Personalmagazin named him one of the 40 leading minds in human resources in Germany. He has authored numerous articles, such as on HR controlling and on demographic risk management and strategic workforce planning, both published in the Harvard Business Review. He was a member of the Global Agenda Council for talent mobility of the World Economic Forum and presented twice on this topic in Davos and he co-led the WEF Project “Future of Work”. In 2014 he gave a widely-viewed TED.com talk (more than 1.7 million views) on the topic “The Workforce Crisis of 2030 – and how to start solving it now”.

Panel discussion
Questions & answers with audience
18:00 End of conference program day 1
19:00 Dinner reception
20:00 Exclusive networking dinner
08:15 Conference Host’s opening remarks
Stronger collaboration between retail and industry to boost efficiency

Andrea Scozzoli, Chief Corporate Development, Unieuro, & President, Aires

Andrea Scozzoli

EDIEL is a retail-industry co-project aimed at standardizing EDI across retailers and industry via a single protocol. Ten years since its launch, it is still the only initiative of its type in the CE sector worldwide.
In today’s hyper-competitive market focused on consumers and quickly changing business paradigms, there is limited space for inefficiency and over-engineered back office and complex administrative processes. Resources and investments have to be primarily focused on consumers’ changing habits and technology development rather than individual customized back office and supply chain processes which may not bring added value or competitive advantage.
Through EDIEL, a project co-founded by retailer and industry associations, the adoption of a single EDI standard has the enormous advantages of reducing cost by up to 75% via a global protocol for the entire order cycle and logistics process. EDIEL has also centralized the product catalogues into a simplified yet high quality real time product spec for the entire CE sector. EDIEL is now planning expansion at European level to share the same efficiency advantage across all European countries.

Speaker's Bio

Andrea Scozzoli has been a leading figure and top executive in the TCG sector since 1994. He has a wealth of experience in general management, mergers and acquisitions, new business development, turn-arounds, debt restructuring, and project management. After graduating with an economics degree from Bologna University, he became an accredited business accountant and auditor, working for three years at KPMG’s Bologna office. During his long career at Unieuro – Italy’s leading consumer electronics retailer – Andrea has held many positions including CFO, Co-CEO and now Chief Corporate Development Officer. He is also Chairman of AIRES – the Italian association for consumer electronics retailers – and Board member of the EuCer Committee – the European consumer electronics retail council.

Panel discussion
Questions & answers with audience
Unleashing the dragon: a perspective on China

Dr. Martin Schulte, Partner for Retail | Global Sector Lead Consumer Durables, Oliver Wyman

Martin Schulte

China’s is manufacturing, technology development and retailing are growing at incredibly fast rates. Perspectives on China are divided between those who see significant opportunity on the one hand and increasing threats and risks on the other. Local manufacturers have evolved from work benches to creating branded competition. Two leading retail conglomerates own the country and dominate in the country and aim to dominate globally, too. Their capabilities are impressive and not confined to national borders. What does it take to be successful in this market in coming years? How will local retailers evolve and what do we need to prepare for across Europe?

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Martin Schulte is a Partner at Oliver Wyman’s Consumer Goods Practice and acts as Global Sector Leader of the company’s activities in the consumer durables space. He serves leading brands in the radically changing consumer goods space, focusing on go-to-market strategies, price and margin management as well as consumer activation and loyalty. These areas of expertise frequently lead him to countries with elevated levels of centralization and high degrees of challenge, like China or Russia. He has authored numerous publications on the evolving success factors in these areas of the world and lived in China for several years where he still spends a significant amount of his time.

Panel discussion
Questions & answers with audience
Go East – the Alibaba ecosystem as gateway to China for European brands

Karl Wehner, Managing Director DACH/CEE, Alibaba Group

Karl Wehner

China’s fast growing consumer market offers many opportunities for brands and retailers, but it is important to understand the Chinese consumer. Karl Wehner, Managing Director Germany, Austria and Switzerland of Alibaba Group, will give an overview of the Alibaba ecosystem, provide insights into the Chinese consumer and how international brands can grow through Alibaba’s marketplaces in China.

Speaker's Bio

Karl Wehner was appointed Managing Director Germany, Austria and Switzerland in July 2017. He is responsible for helping partners across key European markets access the Alibaba Ecosystem and brings over fifteen years of experience in the digital commerce space to the role. Karl started his e-commerce career at Amazon Germany in 1999, where he launched and managed the Amazon Marketplace business and was also responsible for the launch of Amazon’s co-branded credit card. Before joining Alibaba, Karl successfully built a 3rd party marketplace for Takealot.com in Cape Town, which has become South Africa´s largest e-commerce company.


Delegates make proposals and subsequently vote for the most popular topic which should be discussed on stage

Vertical restraints – can competition rules keep up with market trends?

Fiona Carlin, Chief Executive EMEA, Baker McKenzie

Fiona Carlin

The European Commission has launched the review of the EU competition rules governing distribution. It is generally accepted that the rules provide helpful legal certainty – a safe harbour – but they need updating to reflect market developments. The debate on how to reshape the law in this important area will touch on many interesting topics – some new, some old. Should resale price maintenance be treated more leniently? Should selective distribution be limited to luxury or high tech products? Should the list of prohibited hard-core restrictions be expanded to include online platform bans, retail MFNs and retail channelling (segmentation of retailers based on their price levels/pricing practices)? Should the competition rules govern data – who owns it, who can share it, for what purpose?

Speaker's Bio

Fiona Carlin is a Partner and Chief Executive of Baker McKenzie’s EMEA+ Region. She is the former Chair of the Firm’s Global Competition and Antitrust Practice comprising more than 320 lawyers in over 40 countries. Fiona chairs the European Advisory Board of Catalyst, a non-profit organisation dedicated to expanding opportunities for women in business. She was a founding member of Baker McKenzie’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Fiona has been listed in “The International Who’s Who of Competition Lawyers” since 2009, and is among Global Competition Review’s Top 100 Women in Antitrust. Chambers quotes clients as citing her “legal and pragmatic advice” and describing her as “globally minded”.

Panel discussion
Questions & answers with audience
Customer experience through technology-driven omnichannel approach

Iulian Stanciu, CEO,

Iulian Stanciu

Digital interactions are now the norm in most peoples’ lives. News is now almost always read on mobile devices, information is shared through social media, and workplaces are transitioning to the cloud. Given this shift, retailers and brands must address customer needs in a completely new way. eMAG has invested in technology which supports the customer throughout their journey, be it in the mobile app, in showrooms or when customers pick up their parcels from lockers. In his speech, Iulian will explore the means by which eMAG optimizes digital customer journeys in a way that brings value to manufacturers.

Speaker's Bio

Iulian Stanciu started his first business more than 21 years ago, at the age of 22. Iulian grew eMAG into a relevant European technology company, with operations in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland, 5000 employees (700 of which are technology specialists), and revenue of more than one billion euros.

Panel discussion
Questions & answers with audience

15:30 End of conference

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