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Now, disruption is your advantage. Retailers, industry leaders, and stakeholders across the value chain are embarking on seminal moments of transformation. Learn from the most innovative models, progressive tools and dynamic services. Leverage these insights and more as you reimagine your business at the TCG Summit.
As always, the TCG Summit is an exclusive event format. Please note that the number of participants is limited and the conference will be held in English.

Redesigning the Retail Conference

The Annual International TCG Retail Summit blends the retail industry of today with a vision of the future.
Far more than a simple congress concept or a standard exhibition, the TCG Summit is designed around values and innovation, best practices and leading analysis.
By limiting the size and focusing on interaction, the TCG Summit works to unify executive attendees and high-level presenters in ways other events cannot. By curating the top retail thought leaders and delivering unparalleled access and engagement, the TCG Summit curates an ecosystem of collaboration and innovation unlike any other retail convention today.
Leverage the Innovation Zone to access real world case studies, understand new technological concepts, and harness the power of disruption unlike ever before. Redefine your understanding of how shoppers, channels, and technology will interact in modern retail – the Innovation Zone will showcase the latest innovations reimagining the consumer and retailer experience of today, and tomorrow.

Preliminary Program 2025 will be published in November

Structure of the TCG Summit 2024

March 12:

Pre-summit welcome reception (ends at 21:00)
March 13:
March 14:
Registration and networking session
Conference kick-off
Close of conference first day
Dinner reception
Exclusive networking dinner
Conference second day begins
Conference closing

March 13

Registration and networking session opens
Welcome by Chris Buecker, Founder of the International TCG Retail Summit & Conference Host's opening remarks
Impact and opportunities amidst value centric markets

Namrata Gotarne, Global Strategic Insights Director, GfK - an NIQ Company

Namrata Gotarne

Economic instability, increasing political unrest and rapid technology advancements are transforming consumer behavior yet again. Consumers are reassessing their needs and wants, to balance the money spent and value gained. Not only has this led to the change in perception of what constitutes "value", but the definition of value has also expanded for consumers. These developments are urging retailers and manufacturers to fine tune their strategies and raising key questions like - how has consumer behavior evolved? And how to win a value-centric consumer? Namrata will talk about how innovation, sustainability and ecosystems will enable retailers and manufacturers to deliver “value” to consumers. Join her keynote to learn about growth opportunities in value centric markets.

Speaker's Bio

Namrata is a recognized expert for market trends in the technology and durable goods area; she is part of Global Strategic Insights Team at GfK. GfK is an indispensable, trusted data and analytics partner that generates sustainable and inclusive growth for its clients using a powerful combination of data, knowledge, and analytics. Her team provides fact-based strategic analytics by integrating multiple sources of GfK research, including unique global retailer panel data and consumer studies. The team is transforming rich data into relevant insights on how the markets are changing and where they are evolving to. Namrata has a bachelor’s degree in engineering with specialization in Electronics & Communications. She has over 13 years of experience in retail strategy, market and business intelligence. She worked closely with retailers in the APAC region based in Singapore at GfK, before taking a global role at GfK HQ - Nuremberg in 2020.

Future of Geopolitics & Global Trade

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Lang, Senior Partner & Managing Director, BCG


As economies respond to increasingly rapid geopolitical and macroeconomic changes, new trends and hotspots emerge. What might the world look like in 2030? What potential scenarios and implications face global business — especially with the Russia trade divergence, evolving China trade dynamics, and the growth of the ASEAN region? We will highlight new industrial clusters which are forming as a result of geopolitical de-risking and new industrial policies. We will also discuss strategies for business leaders to navigate current uncertainties and complexities and accelerate geopolitical scenario planning to improve long-term resilience.

Speaker's Bio

Nikolaus is BCG’s leader for the Global Advantage practice. Over the last 25 years, Nikolaus has supported clients on globalization and mobility related topics all over the world. He is a global expert in connectivity, autonomous vehicles, and car-sharing. Nikolaus manages BCG’s collaboration with the World Economic Forum, which is dedicated to shaping the mobility of the future. He has written more than 100 publications on an array of contemporary questions that have offered insight and guidance to policymakers, clients, and BCG teams. He is a coauthor of BCG’s book, “Beyond Great”, which describes how the world has been transformed due to social tension, economic nationalism, and technological revolution.

Vision 2030 – The impact of Generative AI on business by 2030

Olivia Reid, Lead Strategist, Journey

Olivia Reid

It may feel like Generative AI came to market one year ago. In reality this technology has been in the making for 10 years, and will continue to dramatically impact business and industry for the next decade and beyond. Often when a technology as disruptive as Generative AI comes along, it takes time to see the true impact. Just as we cannot envision a world without a smartphone, in this talk, we’ll look at the likely long term impact of AI on our business, marketing, commerce, and industry by 2030.

Speaker's Bio

Olivia Reid is the Senior Creative Strategist at the global design and innovation studio, Journey, where she spearheads strategy for Journey’s AI Experience team. Reid has developed next-gen AI experience programs for clients such as Mars Wrigley, Warner Music Group, DotDash Meredith, and Dow Jones (The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch & Barron’s), with a particular focus on creating meaningful consumer experiences and thoughtful generative AI integrations. Reid brings a youthful and artistic perspective to the tech and audio world, as a recorded music artist and Gen-Z thought leader. Before her work with Journey, Reid contributed to strategy across the music industry, recently serving as a producer and podcast host of Spotify for Artists’ “Song Start” series, where she brought her multifaceted approach to technology and human creativity into conversations with Sam Smith, Victoria Monét, and Hayley Williams of Paramore.

Partnering in the era of AI

In conversation with:

Thomas Kowollik, VP Worldwide Gaming Retail, Microsoft

Thomas Kowollik

Microsoft is leading the way in AI innovation with products and services which are transforming the world of technology and delivering amazing experiences for users and businesses, including Co-Pilot, Bing Chat and Designer. Thomas will share his view on “Partnering in the Era of AI” and the impact that AI is having on the industry and our consumers.

Speaker's Bio

Thomas Kowollik is responsible for the Consumer Business in the EMEA region across the entire Microsoft Consumer Portfolio including Devices & Creativity (Windows and Surfaces Devices and Accessories, Microsoft 365) and Gaming, overseeing core functions of Category Management, Sales, Marketing and Business Operations. He has worked in the Microsoft Consumer business for the past 13 years, joining Microsoft in 2010 as Xbox Lead and then gaining a huge amount of experience across a variety of Sales, Marketing and Category roles, with exemplary leadership and a true passion for people. Prior to joining Microsoft worked in Sales, Marketing and Product Management at Sony Pictures, Vodafone and Sky. He is living in Munich with his wife Eva and their two sons Jonathan and Eliah.

AI and the Internet 3.0

Kai Herzberger, Group Director DACH & EMEA Commerce, Meta

Kai Herzberger

In the area of internet 3.0, artificial intelligence (AI) stands as a pivotal force reshaping the marketing landscape and enabling businesses to connect with their audience in ways previously unimaginable. Meta has made substantial investments in AI-powered tools and platforms to help clients grow their business and leveraging vast datasets and sophisticated algorithms. These tools enable marketers to gain deeper insights into consumer behavior, personalize content at scale, and optimize advertising campaigns with unparalleled precision.

Speaker's Bio

Kai Herzberger is heading the Commerce, Marketplaces, Disruptors & VCs team of Meta for the EMEA and DACH region. He was former CMO of DailyDeal and Head of Marketing at BuyVIP, two startups he sold to Google and Amazon, respectively. His analytical background in market research gained him the leadership for the International Marketing team of AOL in Dulles, VA. Kai holds an MBA from Kellogg/WHU and is co-founder of ReFuture Digital GmbH and Shops2Stay UG. He holds stakes in Falcon Agency, CineApp and other startups. Kai is empathic and drives for sustainable business growth. He created CoronaCare Winsen with his wife, a local non-profit community organization and is a founding member of the Hearing Community and the Cystic Fibrosis run4air organization. He is a founding member of the Spam task force of eco Verband e.V.

From hardseller to omnichannel service platform

In conversation with:

Dr. Karsten Wildberger, CEO, CECONOMY & MediaMarktSaturn

Karsten Wildberger

With more than 2 billion customer interactions per year, MediaMarktSaturn is transforming itself from a product-focused retailer to a customer-driven omnichannel service platform. Thanks to its high customer loyalty, MediaMarktSaturn is opening up new and lucrative business opportunities. Karsten Wildberger will describe how MediaMarktSaturn is committed to delivering exceptional customer service at every touchpoint, with sustainability as an integral part of its strategy. He will show how omnichannel has become the foundation of their new business model. With a "mobile first" approach, they are enhancing their digital offering while revitalizing and expanding their physical stores. This strategic pivot isn't just about adjusting, it's about expanding.

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Karsten Wildberger has been Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MediaMarktSaturn and CECONOMY AG since August 2021. He holds a doctorate in physics and, as a partner at the Boston Consulting Group, has advised companies in various industries on strategy and digitization topics. As a manager, Karsten has held international leadership positions at T-Mobile, Vodafone and Telstra. From 2016 to 2021, Karsten was a member of the Board of Management of E.ON SE, where he was responsible for Sales, Decentralized Energy Infrastructure, Energy Procurement, E-Mobility, Marketing, Digital Transformation and IT.

Using omnichannel enablers to build a winning CE store offer

Miya Knights, Retail tech expert & author

Miya Knights

In this session, author, consultant and Retail Technology magazine publisher, Miya Knights, will explore what consumer electronics retailers should learn from emerging omnichannel customer expectations, and how best to capitalize on digital demands in their stores. Covering basic requirements, to more sophisticated features that can both compete with, and complement, online services, her presentation will highlight proven ways to increase digitally-influenced store sales, loyalty, and profitability, against a backdrop shaped by the ongoing convergence of retail channel propositions.

Speaker's Bio

Miya Knights has over 25 years' experience as a retail technology analyst, editor, author and consultant. She is the owner and publisher of 'Retail Technology' magazine and has co-authored two best-selling books about Amazon and Omnichannel Retail. Miya is a GigaOm analyst, serves as a consultant and advisor to a number of technology companies, judges a number of industry awards, and is also a member of the Retail Influencer Network, Customer Strategy Network and the KPMG Retail Think Tank. Miya regularly appears as a retail technology expert on news and current affairs television programs, and is quoted in the press, as well as moderating or speaking at industry events. She was also recognised as 2021 Arts & Media Senior Leader by the Black British Business Awards, and has been named one of top retail influencers in 2023 by RETHINK Retail and the Retail Technology Innovation Hub.

No one should trust AI: how and why we govern production of intelligent artifacts

In conversation with:

Joanna Bryson, Professor of Ethics and Technology, Hertie School of Governance

Professor Joanna Bryson

In an era defined by unprecedented advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), the question of trust has become paramount. This talk delves into the imperative of governing the production of intelligent artifacts and the rationale behind adopting such measures. With AI technologies permeating every facet of modern life, the need to address their reliability, accountability, and ethical dimensions is more urgent than ever.

Speaker's Bio

Joanna J. Bryson is a transdisciplinary researcher on the structure and dynamics of human- and animal-like intelligence. Her research ranges from systems engineering of Artificial Intelligence (AI), through autonomy, cognition, robot ethics, human cooperation on to technology policy and has appeared in venues ranging from a reddit to Science. She holds degrees in Psychology from Chicago and Edinburgh, and AI from Edinburgh and MIT. She has additional professional research experience from Princeton, Oxford, Harvard, and LEGO, and technical experience both in Chicago's financial industry and international management consultancy. Bryson is presently Professor of Ethics and Technology at Hertie School of Governance.

March 14

The path to success in the North American kitchen retail market

In conversation with:

Bill Darcy, Global President & CEO, NKBA | KBIS, USA

Bill Darcy

The North American market is complicated, but the potential rewards and growth opportunities it presents make it a compelling prospect for investment. Join a leading expert in the North American kitchen and bath market to learn key approaches to success, regional intricacies, and market trends, in a competitive landscape.

Speaker's Bio

Bill Darcy is the Chief Executive Officer of NKBA, a forward-thinking trade organization serving the nearly $200 billion kitchen and bath industry. During his 17+ years at NKBA, Bill has pioneered key industry initiatives that include creating solutions for the skilled labor shortages, establishing NKBA’s Thirty Under 30 program, and orchestrating the 2014 collaboration of KBIS and IBS to create Design & Construction Week (DCW) - now one of the world’s largest, most comprehensive industry trade events.

From supplier relations to experience partnerships

In conversation with:

Michael Schuld, CCO & CMO, MediaMarktSaturn

Michael Schuld

As a leading Consumer Electronics retailer in Europe, MediaMarktSaturn is continuously transforming itself to become the experience champion for its customers. But an experience championship only comes along with experience partnerships. Michael Schuld, Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer explains how the company supports this ambition with multiple business models and raises its attractiveness for partners; from strengthening its core retail business over expanding services and solutions, to making the most of physical store space and monetizing digital reach through retail media.

Speaker's Bio

Michael Schuld joined MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group's Executive Board in April 2022 as the Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer. In his role, Michael oversees brand, marketing, and category management. Notably, he spearheaded the launch of a company-wide brand campaign, grounded in a fresh brand purpose. This strategic shift prioritizes customer experience and personalized advice, accompanied by the campaign's unifying slogan, "Let's go!" With over 25 years of international experience in partner and category management, as well as communications and media, Michael has held key positions at Deutsche Telekom. His most recent role was as Head of the TV Business Unit, where he successfully developed and positioned MagentaTV.

Green transition – anything good coming from Europe?

In conversation with:

Isabelle Perignon, Director for Consumer Policy, European Commission

Isabelle Perigno

The green transition of our European economy is highly needed. How can we ensure that consumers and businesses can easily contribute and benefit from it? Following-up on the EU Green Deal, the European Commission has tabled several complementary legislative initiatives to deliver a future with a more sustainable consumption and production. On the "consumption" side, through the Empowering Consumers for the Green Transition initiative, consumers will be better protected against greenwashing and early obsolescence practices and get better information at the point of sale on the durability and reparability of products. The Right to Repair initiative will improve consumers’ access and information about repair services, both within and beyond the legal guarantee. The Green Claims initiative will ensure environmental claims are reliable, including through a dedicated ex-ante verification system. On the "production" side, the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products initiative is building on the success of the existing Ecodesign Directive, by widening the product scope and broadening the sustainability-related obligations and thereby ensuring products will inter alia be more durable and repairable. Last but not least, all this is being complemented by a voluntary "Sustainable Consumption Pledge" where EU’s front-runners can showcase their commitments beyond legal obligations towards sustainable consumption. Will you join the journey towards the green transition?

Speaker's Bio

Isabelle Pérignon, a French national, is Director for ‘Consumer policy' at the European Commission since October 2023. Previously (2019-2023) she was the Deputy Head of Cabinet of the Belgian Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders. Before this position, she worked as Head of Unit ‘Procedural criminal law' at the European Commission. Isabelle was also a member of the Cabinet of several Commissioners, including Commissioner for Values and Transparency, the Czech Vera Jourova and former Commissioner for Home Affairs, the Swedish Cécilia Malmström. Before joining the Commission in 2003, Isabelle Perignon was a solicitor specializing in EU law and was a member of the French and Belgian bars. She worked at Baker McKenzie law firm under the supervision of Christine Lagarde. She holds a Master's Degree in European Legal Studies (LLM College of Europe) and a Master in Business Studies.

Sustainable, repairable and disruptive

In conversation with:

Antoine Fichet, CEO & co-Founder, Daan Tech

Antoine Fichet

The home appliances industry must take part in the green transition to respond to the major challenges of the 21st century. When singles and two to three family members households living in a more and more narrow place are becoming the standard, shouldn’t we adapt to these new habits by offering compact devices that will fit their home? When our societies are aiming at reducing their carbon footprint and that consumers are expecting environmentally friendly and long-lasting products, shouldn’t we be locally manufacturing high quality, easily repairable, recyclable, and low energy/resources consuming products without any kind of programmed obsolescence?

Speaker's Bio

When he co-founded the design & eco-compact home appliances manufacturer Daan Technologies in 2016 at the age of 26, Antoine Fichet believed that a more sustainable and fairer world was possible. That’s why he has decided to embark on a bold mission: to create solutions that improve our daily lives, thanks to products that are easy and fun to use, while promoting French manufacturing and reducing environmental impact. Solutions that are transforming our lifestyles so that tomorrow is more sustainable. Antoine holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and two master's degrees in Business Development and Web Marketing.

A joint initiative of industry and retail representatives to support the EU-Commission in bringing awareness of sustainability closer to the consumer

Hans Carpels, President, Euronics International

Ragip Balcioglu, CCO, Beko

Chris Braam, SVP Commercial Europe, Electrolux Group


Consumers have become more sensitive to sustainability elements in their daily lives. The TCG ecosystem provides many products daily used by consumers. Will the consumer spend more for a device that is more sustainable? Recent studies show they will, but then they should be informed. The panel discusses an initiative of retail and industry representatives to produce a sustainable score per SKU, based on objective criteria, usable by all players in the TCG environment.

Sustainability, services, omnichannel: how to effectively transform a retailer business model?

Vincent Gufflet, Group COO, Fnac Darty

Fnac Darty, a European leader in the distribution of cultural goods, consumer electronics and appliances, has transformed its model over the past few years, with three ambitions: (1) Embody the new standards of a Digital + Human omnichannel experience; (2) Roll out a dual Retail & Services business model; (3) Envision an ambitious and sincere Sustainability approach as a business opportunity. Vincent will present Fnac Darty progress so far. He will focus on the challenges encountered and the practical approach followed to address them.

Speaker's Bio

Vincent is in charge of all service-related activities, from offer design to operational execution. He also manages the Wefix subsidiary. A graduate of ISAE-SUPAERO, Vincent began his career as a consultant with Arthur D. Little in Little in 1995. In 2000, he joined the Kingfisher Group to take charge of strategy for the DIY business. From 2003 onwards, he held various positions of responsibility within the Darty Group: Head of New Activities, Director of DartyBox Development, Marketing Director of the Services Division, Director of Customer Relations, then Managing Director of Services from 2015. Vincent then held the position of Director of Services at Fnac Darty until 2018, then Sales Director Products and Services until 2021.

Navigating the German Consumer Electronics market: insights from C-Level executives

Benedict Kober, CEO, Euronics Germany

Dr. Sascha Mager, CEO, MediaMarktSaturn Germany

Benedict Kober
Sascha Mager

This panel discussion gathers a distinguished group of C-level executives to explore the dynamic landscape of the German consumer electronics market. The session will delve into a comprehensive analysis of opportunities and peculiarities within this thriving industry. The panelists will share their expertise on emerging revenue streams, including the impact of marketplaces and subscription models. They will also discuss innovative strategies in the realm of retail media, consumer demands, and the evolving store network. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights and strategic perspectives, making this session a must-attend for those seeking to thrive in the ever-evolving German consumer electronics sector.

Speakers' Bios

Benedict Kober serves as CEO of EURONICS Germany eG, boasting an impressive 28-year tenure with the company, including over 17 years in senior executive roles. His significant contributions have been instrumental in shaping the company, leading it to success through innovative strategies and thorough market analyses. Currently, his primary focus revolves around optimizing the supply chain strategy, further enhancing the company's efficiency and competitiveness.

Sascha Mager studied physics at RWTH Aachen University and subsequently obtained a doctorate in neuroscience at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. From 2000 to 2005, he worked for the Boston Consulting Group as a consultant in the areas of telecommunications, insurance, e-commerce and retail. From 2006 to 2016, he worked for a number of telecommunications companies in Germany and internationally (T-Mobile, Vodafone, Telstra) in various management positions, most recently in Australia as Chief Operating Officer Consumer Business for Telstra. In 2017, Sascha joined E.ON in the energy utility industry, where he drove digital transformation in the retail sector and successfully built up a new energy retailer (E.ON Next) in the UK. In 2022, he joined MediaMarktSaturn first as Group Chief Digital Officer and then became the CEO of MediaMarktSaturn Germany.