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Disruption is the new normal in retailing. Retailer, industry and other stakeholders along the value chain have started their transformation path. Learn from the latest successful transformation models, new tools and services and how you can benefit from this shared knowledge at the International TCG Retail Summit in Berlin.
Please note, due to exclusive event format, that the number of participants is limited. The conference will be held in English.

More than a conference concept

The International TCG Retail Summit combines today´s retail and future, established values and innovation, best practice and analysis.
We offer more than a simple congress concept or a standard exhibition.
The focus is on interaction. High level presentations will be actively analyzed by domain experts: the guest speakers will face the antithesis of international senior management from Europe´s leading retailers and industry captains in direct discussion or panel format.
See real world examples of how technology is disrupting and changing the way that shoppers shop and retailers retail by visiting the innovation zone. The innovation zone will showcase the latest in technological innovations that both disrupt the way we retail today and power the retail experience of the future.

Structure of the Summit

Day 1:
Pre-Summit Welcome Reception
Day 2:
Registration and Networking Session opens
Begin Conference
End of conference first day
Dinner reception
Exclusive networking dinner
Day 3:
Begin conference second day
End of conference second day
The 2017 Conference Program
Day 1 (MARCH 29)

08:30: Registration and Networking Session opens

10:30: Welcome by Chris Buecker, Chairman of the International TCG Retail Summit

& Conference host´s opening remarks


Declan Curry, Journalist and Business Broadcaster

Declan Curry

Declan Curry has been a business and economics journalist for twenty years. He has worked for BBC television, radio and online in the UK and internationally, for UK commercial radio, for television and radio in the United States and Australia, and been published in news-papers and business magazines in the UK, Ireland and the USA. He chairs conference and seminars, including sessions at the Global Economic Symposium in Germany, Turkey and Brazil, and the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. He is also much in demand as an awards host and public speaker, having spoken numerous times at Retail Week Live, the largest retail conference in the UK. He has won several awards for his broadcasting, including IFA Journalist of the Year (Television), ABI Financial Journalist of the Year and Proshare Financial Personality of the Year. He is an honorary Doctor of Middlesex University, London.

Online and in-store innovation throughout the customer’s journey

Christophe Biget, Co-founder and Paris Office CEO, iVentures Consulting, France


Retailers and brands massively invest in customer acquisition and loyalty through advertising, content and CRM programs, but these investments may be worthless once a customer faces a disappointing experience at some stage of the customer journey; sometimes meaning a change of supplier.

This presentation will answer the following questions:

1. What are the key steps of the customer journey, before, during and after purchase that will require the most attention in the upcoming years?

2. Which innovations, contents and services will increase customer acquisition, satisfaction and loyalty and what technologies should brands and retailers invest in to differentiate online and in store?

3. Which best practices are already implemented and deliver sustainable ROI?

Speaker's Bio

Christophe is the co-founder and co-CEO of iVentures Consulting, a Management Consulting firm based in Paris and San Francisco, which specializes in digital strategy and transformation in the Retail, Fashion, Luxury, Beauty and Travel sectors. Christophe advises boards and CEOs of Fortune 100 corporations as well as start-ups and is the co-creator of the eShopper Index, the 1st international Index to analyze & rank brand’s customer journey before, during and after purchase. Prior to creating iVentures Consulting, Christophe occupied management and consulting positions in Paris and London and contributed to the development of firms such as Sony, Granada and SFR. Christophe has an MBA from London Business School.

Panel Discussion
Questions & Answers with audience
Walking in the customer’s shoes – what we have learned about Customer Centricity at Zalando

Jan Becker, Brand Strategy, Zalando

Jan Becker_Zalando

Since its beginnings, Zalando looked at the fashion industry through the eyes of consumers, continuously seeking to remove barriers and constantly improving the experience for its customers. From free delivery and returns, to same-day delivery via mobile phones, Zalando permanently aims for opportunities which enlighten their customers and partners.

In 2016, Zalando hosted “Bread&Butter” for the first time. Turning a former industry trade fair into a “trend show” for everyone, Zalando opened Bread&Butter to the public, providing fashion brands a platform to connect with consumers and showcase their brands. An exciting project with many lessons learnt.

Speaker's Bio

Since starting work for Zalando back in 2011, Jan has worked for several areas of the business ranging from Category Management to Internal Strategic Projects around Organization and Process Optimization. He headed the Benelux market and is now responsible for Brand Strategy.

Panel Discussion
Questions & Answers with audience
Innovation Preview
Networking Lunch and Exhibition viewing time
Retail and the Concept of “Love & Respect”

Jeffery R. Sears, Principal/Founder, The Modernist Group, USA


As the former CEO, Chairman and Co-founder of Pirch, Jeffery Sears will focus on the disruptive force of “Love & Respect” and the Human-to-Human experience that will be the differentiator in the future. Focusing on the concept of “your experience is the product” Jeffery will explore how to build an exceptional store experience with disruptive results!

Speaker's Bio

Jeffery R. Sears is the Chairman & Co-Founder of Pirch. The leading disrupter in the appliance and plumbing industry, and one could argue, luxury retail. Jeffery oversees the vision, strategy, business plan, operating excellence, and clarity (internally and externally) of the organization. Prior to Pirch Jeffery’s resume also includes President and CEO of Tuftex Carpet Mills, Creative Touch Interiors. Having operated in 5 industries, across manufacturing, service industries, and now retail, he has had the privilege to be a part of generating over 5 billion in monetization value in his career. Pirch was ranked in 2015 among the 25 most promising companies in America by Forbes.

Panel Discussion
Questions & Answers with audience
Retail and the “always-on” shopping experience

Alejandro Mondragon, Global Lead Retail, GfK

Alejandro Mondragon_GfK

Convenience and the need for an integrated multi-channel offering are two key trends shaping the relationship between shopper and retailers. A combination of advances in technology and a continuing climate of austerity have created a new breed of Connected Consumers. So today the shopping experience starts from the moment the shopper starts browsing online to research their next purchase. With so much choice available to consumers both online and offline, the pressure is on retailers to ensure they keep ahead of the game. That means matching consumers’ expectations, fast. Alejandro will explain how you can do that and more.

Speaker's Bio

Alejandro has led Market Research companies for the last 12 years. He joined GfK Mexico in 2012 to lead its transformation. Before GfK he was MD of Research International, a WPP company and later MD of the integrated TNS Research International after they merger. He previously worked for Management Consulting firm Roland Berger in the UK, Germany and Spain working for international Retailers on diverse topics ranging from Transformation to Store Location to Sales Optimization. His first job in Retail was for Carrefour where he managed Category Management projects and negotiations with suppliers. Alejandro is an advocate of Digital as a key tool for creating new business opportunities for Retail. Alejandro has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and a MBA from Georgetown.

Panel Discussion
Questions & Answers with audience
Networking and Exhibition viewing time
How can physical retail thrive in a technology obsessed world?

Phillip Raub, Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, b8ta, Silicon Valley/USA

phillip raub

Over the past decade, we have seen major disruption occur in transportation (Uber), hospitality (Airbnb) and communications (Facebook). However, despite all of the innovation that exists within the development of Consumer Electronics, retail within the technical consumer goods sector continues to languish and be one of the slowest moving industries to adopt technology and new go to market strategies.

In retail apparel, companies like H&M and Zara challenge the status quo through innovative manufacturing and product development cycles. Warby Parker eliminated the middleman (insurance companies) and let consumers buy trendy eyewear at a flat and economical rate.

It’s time that those technological advances occur in the TCG sector. In fact, it is starting to happen, and Phillip will explain how it is happening and how senior leaders in the TCG space can evolve their businesses to adapt to these changes.

Speaker's Bio

Phillip is currently the co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Retail at b8ta. In his role he oversees b8ta’s marketing and consumer experience. Previous to b8ta, Phillip held executive roles in Marketing at Nest (Head of Global Channel Marketing), Nintendo (Director of Retail Marketing) and Gap Inc.

Panel Discussion
Questions & Answers with audience
Retail as a service

Klaus-Peter Voigt, Chief Procurement Officer, MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group

Klaus-Peter Voigt

As Retail continues to struggle with its promise to provide a truly satisfying customer experience we are all trying hard to push boundaries: with even smarter CRM measures and personalization tactics. We are preparing to use artificial intelligence to try to differentiate from competitors. We want to increase basket size and build customer loyalty. But what if we are only focusing on parts of the problem? Having the privilege of being part of this Think Tank; I venture the thesis that our mission is not only to try to reimagine the customer experience but to rethink retail. Let’s have a look at the three key actors in this triangular motion which drive our business – Suppliers, Retailers and Customers: Analyzing natural dependencies and possibly unexploited potentials whilst extending my questioning about the future role of selling hardware as an end in itself – or we can rethink it as an vehicle for the true demand of our customers: Content and Services & Solutions.

Speaker's Bio

Sergio Klaus-Peter Voigt is Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) and Member of the Extended Board of MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group. He has gained more than thirty years of experience in electronics retailing. From 1989 onwards, he was employed by the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group in various executive and managerial positions. 2002 he became member of the Board of Directors at MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group. In 2008, Voigt moved from his position as Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group to join the TELEFUNKEN Management Board and became the companies’ CEO in 2011. Since 2013 Klaus-Peter Voigt is working again at MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group as its CPO.

Discussion with facilitator
End of Conference Program Day 1
Dinner Reception
Exclusive Networking Dinner
DAY 2 (MARCH 30)
Conference host’s opening remarks
In conversation with: Enrique Fernandez, Chief Executive Officer, Management LLC, Russia

Enrique Fernandez

In August 2016 Enrique became the Chief Executive Officer of Russia`s leading electrical retailer. What’s his vision? What are his answers to a new world of retail in which disruption has become the new normal and the consumer and new retail technology the omnipotent driver? How does the retail model of need to adapt to this new reality or not? Enrique will share his thoughts with Declan, the TCG summit´s facilitator.

Speaker's Bio

Enrique Fernandez, who served as’s Commercial Director for the past seven years (since 2009), has longtime high level expertise from the international businesses in Consumer Electronics industry and retail. From 2003 till 2007, he worked for the Media-Saturn Holding GmbH in various senior positions. His last deployment in Media-Saturn Holding was International Head of Procurement for both Media Markt and Saturn brands. Prior to Media-Saturn Enrique worked in several positions referring to Sales and Marketing in Whirlpool Europe and Goodyear Tires.

Discussion with facilitator
Intelligent Technical Systems: The key for a leading position in future markets

Dr.-Ing. Roman Dumitrescu, Managing Director, It’s OWL Clustermanagement GmbH, Germany

Roman Dumitrescu

Intelligent technical systems are complex products that are based on interaction between information technology and engineering. Software components are integrated into machinery and equipment to carry out control, regulation and data processing tasks. They give artificial intelligence to technical systems and make life easier. Such systems open up new prospects for businesses, and form the basis for a number of innovations that are often also collectively referred to as Internet of Things or in the case of industrial production as Industry 4.0. An increasing number of functions and greater networking between products and production systems offer many benefits for users, but at the same time pose huge challenges for development of the products and the according business model as well. In this talk not only this perspective will be pointed out, but also various recommendations will bepresented, based on industrial case studies from different branches especially consumer goods, automotive and mechanical and plant engineering.

Speaker's Bio

Dr.-Ing. Roman Dumitrescu studied mechatronics at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. He obtained his Ph.D. in the field of systems engineering for intelligent mechatronic systems at the Heinz Nixdorf Institute in 2010. Since then he is head of product engineering and one of three directors at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Mechatronic Systems Design IEM in Paderborn. In addition, he is managing director of the technology network “Intelligent Technical Systems OstWestfalenLippe (it’s OWL)”, which was named by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) at the beginning of 2012 as one of 15 German Leading-Edge Clusters.

Panel Discussion
Questions & Answers with audience
Networking and Exhibition viewing time
In conversation with: Thomas Kramler, Head of Sector, Task Force Digital Single Market, European Commission, Belgium

The European Commission’s e-commerce sector inquiry

Thomas_Kramler_European Commission

On 6 May 2015, the European Commission launched a sector inquiry into e-commerce of consumer goods and digital content in the EU as part of its Digital Single Market strategy adopted on the same day. Promoting e-commerce is a key part of this strategy. The e-commerce sector inquiry aims at obtaining an overview of the prevailing market trends and gathering evidence on potential barriers to competition linked to the growth of e-commerce. During the inquiry, the Commission has gathered evidence from nearly 1800 companies operating in e-commerce of consumer goods and digital content in the whole EU and has analysed around 8 000 distribution contracts. Mr. Kramler will comment on the main findings of the Commission in this large scale inquiry.

Speaker's Bio

Thomas Kramler is Head of the Digital Single Market Task Force in the European Commission’s Directorate General for Competition. He holds a law degree and a PhD from the University of Vienna, Austria and has graduated with a Master’s degree in European Community Law from the College of Europe (Bruges). Previously, Thomas was deputy head of the unit responsible for antitrust cases in the information industries, internet and consumer electronics sectors. Before joining the European Commission he worked as agent, representing the Austrian government before the European Courts in Luxemburg.

Questions & Answers with audience
Sharaf DG – Growing through differentiation in an omnichannel environment

Nilesh Khalkho, CEO, Sharaf DG, United Arab Emirates

Nilesh Khalkho_Sharaf

Businesses regularly fail to recognize the changes in the landscape and disruptions in how customers discover, decide, purchase and consume products & services. Only those businesses that can truly differentiate themselves will survive and more importantly prosper.

Nilesh Khalkho, CEO of Sharaf DG, the No.1 Specialty Electronics Retailer in the UAE, who has steered the company to grow 49 times in 12 years in the highly competitive electronics retail environment will showcase how Sharaf DG has chosen to always adopt “The New Way of Doing Things” and how they have grown by differentiation.

Some of the key areas Nilesh will talk about are how Sharaf DG started off by taking on the incumbent players with key customer promises such as the ’24 Hour Brand Promise’, reinvented promotions with out of the boxideas such as a BMW + TV offer, offered live price and stock check across competitors to help consumers make an informed choice, and have most recently transformed their in-store experience and offered omni-channel shopping options.

At Sharaf DG “Growing through Differentiation” has been the success mantra of the last decade, and is the only way to stay relevant to consumers for the future.

Speaker's Bio

Beginning his career as a Scientist with an entrepreneurial bent, Nilesh Khalkho’s vision and dynamism has been the guiding force in building Sharaf DG from an idea to a name to be reckoned with in the entire Middle East. Today, the 12 year old Sharaf DG is the number 1 specialty electronics retailer in the UAE – beating out large, established competition in just over a decade. An Electronics Engineer with a Management Degree from the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Nilesh Khalkho has over 20 years of experience and expertise in diverse industries ranging from Defense Research to Telecom, IT and ITES. In his pursuit for excellence in retailing, he has introduced many innovative Business Models within Sharaf DG. A few of his many achievements have been in multichannel product distribution, designing effective business processes, creating winning business plans, developing new businesses and transforming Sharaf DG from a product retailer to an integrated services provider. Turning concepts into reality is a challenge he likes to take head on: in the last few years he has launched new ideas such as omni-channel retailing, businesses within Sharaf DG such as DG @ Business which now serves the networking & device requirements of over 50,000 SMEs in the UAE, and Sharaf Electronics which is the largest partner of the leading Telecom services provider in the UAE. His extensive experience, knowledge and the never say never attitude has influenced the entire Sharaf DG family to work towards making their stores a place for more than just Electronics. At Sharaf DG, they believe in CARE – Customers Are Really Everything!!

Panel Discussion
Questions & Answers with audience
How does monetary policy secure price stability over the medium term?

Peter Praet, Member of the Executive Board, European Central Bank

Peter Praet ECB

Peter Praet, Chief Economist and Executive Board Member of the European Central Bank, will explain how the ECB’s monetary policy decisions, including unconventional measures (ECB asset purchase programme – quantitative easing) have contributed to very favorable financing conditions for both household and firms in the euro area. This supports the economic recovery and secures the convergence of inflation rates towards levels below, but close to, 2% over the medium term. Subsequently, Mr. Praet will exchange views about the euro area economic outlook.

Speaker's Bio

Peter Praet joined the European Central Bank as Member of the Executive Board in 2011. He is responsible for the Directorate General Economics.

Before joining the ECB, Peter Praet was Executive Director of the National Bank of Belgium (2000-2011). Here he was responsible for International Cooperation, Financial Stability and Oversight of Financial Infrastructures and Payments Systems. Between 2002 and 2011, he was also a Member of the Management Committee of the Belgian Banking, Finance and Insurance Commission (CBFA), where he was responsible for Prudential Policy for banking and insurance.

Peter Praet served as Chief of Cabinet for the Belgian Minister of Finance from 1999-2000, as Chief Economist of Générale de Banque and Fortis Bank from 1988-1999, as Professor of Economics at the Université Libre de Bruxelles from 1980-1987, and as Economist at the International Monetary Fund from 1978-1980.

He earned a Ph.D. in Economics from the Université Libre de Bruxelles in 1980.

Peter Praet served on several high-level international committees, including the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, the Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems, the Committee on the Global Financial System, and the European Banking Authority. He was First Alternate of the Board of Directors of the Bank for International Settlements from 2000-2011

Discussion with facilitator
Questions & Answers with audience
Networking Lunch and Exhibition viewing time
What makes TCG Retailers attractive to the investment community?

Adam Simon, Global Managing Director, Retail Business Development, ‎CONTEXT, UK

& Chris Petersen, PhD, Guest speaker of Context & CEO of Integrated Marketing Solutions, USA

Adam Simon

Backed up with case studies and relevant data, Adam Simon, head of Retail at market researcher CONTEXT, will address an issue which keeps CEO’s and CFO’s awake at night – keeping your investors happy. In an increasingly competitive space, three key success factors will be identified, through which companies need to demonstrate that they will provide a reliable or, better, superior return on investment. Chris H. Petersen is a strategic consultant who specialises in omnichannel retail, leadership, and performance measurement: he is recognised in the Vend ranking as number 11 of the top 50 Retail influencers in the world.

Speaker's Bio

Adam joined CONTEXT in February 2013 to develop the company’s research coverage of ICT and technology. Adam is growing the CONTEXT panel of retailers, bringing fresh thinking to exploit new market opportunities. In 2015 he formed a pan-European Research Group on Smart Home, and in 2016 one on VR. Prior to joining CONTEXT, Adam spent his career in professional services, introducing operational best practices in large retailers. He has worked with many of the largest retailers in Europe at senior executive level. Adam is a qualified Chartered Accountant, and has a degree in Modern History from the University of Oxford.

Panel Discussion
Questions & Answers with audience
THE BOARDROOM TALK – What is the focus in the boardroom for the future of retailers?

Andrea Gisle-Joosen, Independent Non-Executive Director, Board of Directors, Dixons Carphone plc

Andrea Gisle Joosen_Dixons Carphone

Typically boards of directors have been focusing on the strategy and financial solidity of the company. Nowadays however, the focus is shifting to more in depth understanding of the business itself, its customers, employees and the sustainability of the business model. What kind of benefits is the business bringing to its customers and how will the business attract the right competencies for the future?

Speaker's Bio

Andrea Gisle Joosen is an experienced former executive with extensive experience in marketing, brand management and business development across a range of different consumer businesses. Her former roles include Chief Executive of Boxer TV Access AB in Sweden and Managing Director (Nordic region) of Panasonic, Chantelle AB and Twentieth Century Fox. Her early career involved several senior marketing roles within Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson. Directorships: Director of Dixons Carphone plc, Director of ICA Gruppen AB, Chairman and Director of Teknikmagasinet AB, Director of Mr Green AB, Director of James Hardie Industries plc, Director of BillerudKorsnas AB.

Panel Discussion
Questions & Answers with audience
Chairman’s closing remarks and close of 4th International TCG Retail Summit
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