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Disruption is the new normal in retailing. Retailer, industry and other stakeholders along the value chain are in full speed of their transformation path. Learn from the latest successful transformation models, new tools and services and how you can benefit from this shared knowledge at the upcoming International TCG Retail Summit.
Please note, due to exclusive event format, that the number of participants is limited. The conference will be held in English.

More than a conference concept

The International TCG Retail Summit combines today´s retail and future, established values and innovation, best practice and analysis.
We offer more than a simple congress concept or a standard exhibition.
The focus is on interaction. High level presentations will be actively analyzed by domain experts: the guest speakers will face the antithesis of international senior management from Europe´s leading retailers and industry captains in direct discussion or panel format.
See real world examples of how technology is disrupting and changing the way that shoppers shop and retailers retail by visiting the innovation zone. The innovation zone will showcase the latest in technological innovations that both disrupt the way we retail today and power the retail experience of the future.

Structure of the Summit 2020

March 31:
Pre-Summit Welcome Reception
April 1:
Registration and Networking Session opens
Begin Conference
End of Conference Day 1
Dinner Reception
Exclusive Networking Dinner
April 2:
Begin Conference Day 2
End of Conference Day 2

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Program 2019

Registration and Networking Session opens
Welcome by Chris Buecker, founder of the International TCG Retail Summit & Conference host´s opening remarks

Declan Curry, Journalist and Business Broadcaster

Declan Curry

Declan Curry has been a business and economics journalist for twenty five years. He has presented and reported for BBC television, radio and online in the UK and internationally. He has also worked for UK commercial radio, for television and radio in the United States and Australia, and been published in newspapers and business magazines in the UK, Ireland and the USA. He chairs conferences and seminars around the globe, and is in demand as an awards host and public speaker. He has won several awards for his broadcasting and is an honorary Doctor of Middlesex University, London.

Partnerships at scale – the new normal

Dr. Joern Kuepper, Senior Partner, McKinsey


The consumer industry has built many top brands and delivered great financial results over the last decades. This performance was enabled by a common success model comprised of five elements.
However, we are seeing a growth downturn in the consumer industry and value creation is faltering as disruptive trends are undermining the old model. Key reasons for this include the rise of e-commerce and the change in consumer behaviors leading to a new consumer-centric ecosystem – the new normal. To win in this new normal both Brands and Retailers have to construct new ways to reconnect with the consumer and build new partnerships at scale to create unique offerings to our consumers.

Speaker's Bio

Joern Kuepper joined McKinsey & Company Inc. in 1997 and is a Senior Partner in McKinsey’s European Consumer Practice which he leads. Joern Kuepper serves leading brands and institutions in the radically changing consumer space. His focus is on reinjecting growth, creating consumer-centered ecosystems, and building new capabilities for consumer goods companies, retailers, and fashion brands. Joern Kuepper has authored several publications, such as “Consumer 2030”, “The new model for consumer goods”, and “Value creation in consumer industries”. Prior to joining McKinsey, Joern Kuepper worked at an advertising agency, focusing on marketing and strategy. Joern Kuepper earned a master’s degree in International Marketing & Management and a doctoral degree in Marketing.

Panel Discussion
Questions & Answers with audience

Collaborating to win – new approaches to retailer and industry engagement

Daniel Duty, CEO & Founder, Conlego

Daniel Duty

Retail market dynamics have increased tension between retailers and their suppliers, as both look for ways to innovate while cutting costs and growing margins. As alluring as competitive tactics can be in this environment, it is more important than ever to collaborate and innovate together. Learn how to engage in collaborative forms of negotiation, successful strategic partnerships and joint business planning to drive growth and success.

Speaker's Bio

Daniel Duty is an internationally known expert in the fields of negotiation, partnership building, joint business solutions and complex problem solving. He is the founder and CEO of Conlego, a firm specializing in these areas for retail and CPG companies. Daniel built the Business Partnerships and Negotiations team for Target where he developed its negotiations and partnership strategy and implemented a variety of tools, creating billions of dollars in savings and growth.

Daniel has led hundreds of negotiations on every conceivable topic with companies from private label producers to Coca Cola, Hasbro, and Levis. He developed strategic partnerships creating innovative new products and solutions with organizations like P&G, Starbucks and UNICEF. Daniel has taught thousands of businesspeople in the art and science of negotiation and partnerships at companies, business forums and leading universities such as Harvard, Berkeley, and Northwestern. Prior to joining Target, Daniel negotiated on behalf of US Senator Paul Simon, the US International Trade Commission, General Mills and other organizations.

Panel Discussion
Questions & Answers with audience

The game changer – customer first with Amazon!

Jean-Baptiste Thomas, Director Hardline, Amazon UK

Jean-Baptiste THOMAS

Online shopping has changed the face of retail and Amazon has been at the heart of this. How does the company maintain a culture of customer-centricity? Why do they innovate faster than competitors and constantly accelerate the pace of innovation? How will voice commerce change the way of shopping? What can we expect from them next? Jean-Baptiste Thomas will have a discussion with the conference host and participate in the subsequent expert panel.

Speaker's Bio

Jean-Baptiste is heading the Total Consumer Electronics P&L for the UK encompassing categories such as PC/IT, Wireless & Smartphones, Camera, Home Entertainment, Office Products or Audio/Video for both consumer and professional customers. In his current functions, he is also leading several business initiatives for Europe such as Product Insurance & Warranty, Amazon Private Brands or a program aiming at driving customer and vendor adoption of Alexa.

Jean-Baptiste has been with Amazon for 10 years across various positions in France, UK and Japan including FR Director for Media products (Books, DVD, Music, Video games and Software), FR Director for Indoor & Outdoor categories (Home & Furniture, Kitchen, Home Improvement, Toys, Sports, Lawn & Garden and Automotive) or Country Manager for Amazon Fresh in the UK and Japan. Before Amazon, he co-founded and ran a video rental company for five years, before stints at both The Boston Consulting Group and eBay.fr as Finance director.

Discussion with facilitator
Panel discussion
Questions & Answers with audience
We help everyone enjoy amazing technology

Antreas Athanassopoulos, Chief Customer Officer, Dixons Carphone

Antreas Athanassopoulos

Technology is exciting but often confusing. The pace of change and innovation is remarkable, the opportunity to help customers discover, choose and enjoy technology is undeniable. Against the backdrop of relentless change in the retail sector, Dixons Carphone has defined a truly customer-centric approach to help everyone enjoy amazing technology. We are creating an easy and seamless end-to-end shopping experience led by capable and committed colleagues. We are committed to having something for everyone, however they want to shop with us. Antreas will explore how one of Europe’s largest specialist electricals retailer is focused on ensuring Dixons Carphone is a business whose success is led by happy colleagues, who in turn ensure happy customers and happy shareholders.

Speaker's Bio

Antreas Athanassopoulos joined Dixons Carphone Group in the UK as Chief Customer Officer and CEO Financial Services in May 2018 after having served as CEO of the Greek operation since July 2013. He is a member of the Group Exco and is leading the functions of customer insights and analytics, customer strategy, commercial planning, customer communications & branding, CRM, services propositions, financial services and insurance and all the Information Technology sector. In the Greek operation he led a major business transformation with significant achievements in terms of profitability, market share, net promoter score and employee engagement scores. During his tenure he was awarded Manager of the Year prize in 2016 and 2017 by INFOCOM and by the Hellenic Management Association respectively.

Discussion with facilitator
Questions & Answers with audience

Several studies have shown that companies with at least some women at the top performed considerably better than ones with mostly male boards and executives. Taking a closer look at our sector, the TCG retail industry, it is estimated that only approximately 10% of senior business positions are held by women. This is even more surprising, considering that more than 50% of buying decisions of TCG consumers are taken by female shoppers. How can this unbalance be explained? And what concrete steps should companies take to tackle this issue?

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Official announcement of the 2019 award winners in the following categories:

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  • Integrated Marketing
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  • Leadership
  • Brand of the Year
Blockchain – Making it real

Matthias Tauber, Partner and Managing Director, BCG

Matthias Tauber

Many digital technologies hold promise for retailers and manufacturers alike. The challenge is knowing which technologies to invest in, when, and how. Case in point: the blockchain. Once a seemingly unreachable possibility, publications across the globe now stress the benefits of this technology in the context of increasingly complex supply chain networks (e.g. goods provenance, E2E status tracking). However, most discussions remain theoretical and only a few players have implemented blockchain
at scale.

“Blockchain – making it real” aims to bring this discussion to the next level. Based on our case work this talk will elaborate on our first-hand experience and discuss lessons learned for implementation.

Speaker's Bio

Matthias joined BCG in 2003 and is a Partner and Managing Director in BCG’s Munich office. During his extensive consulting career, he has made blockchain technology in large-scale supply chain operations a reality. He holds a Master of Civil Engineering from Vienna University of Technology and an MBA from INSEAD.

Panel discussion
Questions & Answers with audience
18:00 End of Conference Program Day 1
19:00 Dinner Reception
20:00 Exclusive Networking Dinner

08:30 Conference host’s opening remarks
The edge of retail

Friedemann Stoeckle, VP Global POS Support, GfK

Friedemann Stoeckle

Many retail and product concepts work towards an entire digital future with seamless interactions of consumers and a high-touch shopping experience. Co-creation is the centerpiece of this agile development. What are the results of the innovations in retail and the various product categories, what works well, and where do we see slow-moving patterns for Technical Consumer Goods? GfK will explore “The Edge of Retail” applying state-of-the art data science. What does it take to leverage future opportunities effectively, applying the art of collaboration between retail and industry?

Speaker's Bio

Friedemann Stoeckle, Vice President Global POS Team, GfK HQ, has experience for more than 20 years in technical consumer goods markets around the world. His key focus is how to create value through applying high-end analytics in TCG.

Panel Discussion
Questions & Answers with audience
How digitalisation transforms consumer behaviour, shakes up business models and challenges traditional ways of legislating

Werner Stengg, Head of Unit “E-Commerce and Online Platforms”, European Comission

Werner Stengg

In the last few years, European Institutions have made considerable efforts to transform the good old “Single Market” into a truly “Digital Single Market”. Consumer protection rules have been adapted and harmonised, unjustified geo-blocking across borders has been banned, the quality and price of cross-border parcel delivery has come under closer scrutiny, the administration of cross-border VAT processes has been simplified, and the growing market power of online platforms has been addressed – to name but a few of the many initiatives launched. And yet, the digital transformation process keeps accelerating, disrupting existing behaviours, beliefs and business models. The continued rise of large, global online players and the disruptive power of new, data-driven technologies (such as artificial intelligence, or blockchain) challenge the status quo at an unprecedented scale and speed. What can traditional business do not only to survive in this disruptive process, but to turn it to its own advantage? What can policy makers do to facilitate this process, giving maximum space to innovation and market forces, while at the same time ensuring a fair and level playing field?

Speaker's Bio

Werner Stengg, who joined the European institutions in 1996, was appointed Head of Unit in the Directorate General in charge of Communication Networks, Content and Technology (“DG CONNECT”) in September 2016. Responsible for
“E-Commerce and Platforms”, he has mainly been in charge of managing the E-Commerce Directive, the Geoblocking Regulation and the proposed Regulation on business-to-platform relations.

Between 2006 and 2016, he held different head of unit positions across the European Commission, dealing with public interest services, online, gambling and postal services, and with the better regulation agenda. Prior to that, he was involved in mainstreaming policy evaluation across the Commission, in the negotiation of bilateral and multilateral textile trade agreements, and in the negotiations on regulatory files in the areas of aviation and maritime transport.
He earned his doctoral degree in economics from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration.

Discussion with facilitator
Panel Discussion
Questions & Answers with audience

Delegates make proposals and subsequently vote for the most popular topic which should be discussed on stage

Easy and enjoyable!

Regis Schultz, Chairman, Monoprix

Regis Schultz

Nowadays, one of the greatest challenges facing the retailer is to make customer’s lives simpler through a seamless shopping experience. To do so, Monoprix combines physical and digital channels (stores and e-commerce) and demonstrates that they can be complementary. Omnichannel will allow us to meet all needs, combining both the need for speed and convenience as well as the notion of pleasure. Two examples of this strategy in action are our partnerships with Amazon (for the delivery in less than 2 hours) and with Ocado (customers in the Greater Paris area, for example, can choose from 50,000 food items).

Speaker's Bio

Regis Schultz is Chairman of Monoprix since 2016. He is also a member of the Casino Group Executive Committee. Prior to joining Monoprix, he was Chief Executive Officer of Darty and chairman of Darty France from 2013. From 2008 to 2013, he was Chief Executive Officer of French furniture BUT. Before that, he held several senior positions at Kingfisher plc, including Head of Strategy and Development of Kingfisher, then Commercial Director and Chief Operating Officer for the subsidiary of Kingfisher plc: B&Q (Block & Quayle).

Regis Schultz started his career in finance with the PernodRicard Group (Financial Controller at Orangina Schweppes, then Chief Financial Officer at CSR Pampryl) and the Castorama Group as Chief Financial Officer and then Deputy Chief Executive Officer. He holds an MBA from Dauphine University, Paris.

Panel Discussion
Questions & Answers with audience
Singularity is here, should retail fear?

Daniel Ramsay, Senior Account Executive, Speciality Retail, Google

Daniel Ramsay

Vernor Vinge said in his 1993 essay “The Coming Technological Singularity” that this would signal the end of the human era. We now stand at an inflection point; 90% of the worlds data was created in the past 24 months, Moore has been proved right about computing power and Deep Neural Networks have finally emerged. These three factors have enabled an intelligence explosion. Retail is challenged; with emerging business models, large debt burdens and the cost of adapting to the world of ecommerce we are sadly saying goodbye to what at one time seemed like untouchable brands. The question on everyone‘s mind is not‚ could technologies like AI solve retail’s problems, but how.

Speaker's Bio

Daniel Ramsay is an Account Lead at Google focused on the Retail sector. Originally based out of London he relocated to San Francisco in 2017 and specialises in the electronics and prestige beauty sectors. With disruptive forces shaking up the retail sector, Daniel’s focus is to bring the best of Google to tackle retailers biggest challenges and help them succeed. Having joined Google in 2014, Daniel has worked in various roles with the UK’s biggest brands leading Google’s efforts across a diverse set of industries from Utilities to Logisitics.

Panel Discussion
Questions & Answers with audience
Goodbye retailers! – Why tomorrow’s retail will not be the same

Michele Fuhs, Founder & Retail Experience Strategy Designer, Circle4x


Selling TCG products and cars appears to be two completely different businesses. However, on closer inspection, we see surprising similarities between the changes both businesses are currently undergoing. Changing customer habits and technological evolution will both have a great impact and shake up both industries. In the automotive sector, overall mobility will go through a dramatic change in the next 15 years: approximately 40% of the driven kilometers will be done in self-driving cars, 55% of all new registered cars will be electrical and more people will share a car than have their own. But most importantly, customers want to experience and be entertained, not simply be informed.  They are prepared to share and not own. Their expectation of sustainability and their attitude towards status symbols has changed and we as retailers must deliver.

Speaker's Bio

Michele founded Circle4x out of his passion for Retail Experience, Retail Transformation and Retail Design in May 2017. His vision is to bring back fun and emotions to retail by first inspiring his clients on the amazing chances they have to turn Retail into a jaw breaking experience and then support them into turning their dreams into reality. He left BMW AG after 18 years where he started his career in the year 2000 working first for the Motorsport Division, the In-house Consulting Sales&Marketing, the Region China and the MINI brand in Italy. From 2012 until July 2018 he was responsible for the project “Future Retail – Premium Retail Experience” where he was in charge for finalizing the development of the concept and for implementing it into the BMW and MINI dealer network worldwide. The last two years with BMW he set up a Retail Experience LAB where together with suppliers he researched and developed innovations for Retail.

Panel Discussion
Questions & Answers with audience

16:00 End of conference

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The luxury hotel is located in Petit Saconnex, a residential area in the northwestern part of the city, and has views of Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva. Over the years the hotel has hosted an elite clientele, including 400 heads of state, nearly 4,000 government ministers, many ambassadors, political figures, performing artists, and sports personalities.
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