Circular Electronics Consumption on a Grand Scale

Refurbed, founded in 2017 in Vienna by Peter Windischhofer, Kilian Kaminski and Jürgen Riedl is the fastest growing online marketplace for refurbished products in DACH, Ireland, Sweden and Denmark.

Its mission is to become the marketplace of choice for all kinds of refurbished products. Its core offering – refurbished Electronics – are used devices that undergo a rigorous refurbishment process by professionals in which devices are restored to function as new, but are much better for the environment. Refurbished devices are up to 40% and can save up to 70% of emissions as well as substantial water and e-waste compared to a new device.


Having started with smartphones and laptops in Germany and Austria, the company has since expanded the product range to more than 18,000 products, ranging from tablets, gaming consoles, household appliances and e-bikes to smart watches, audio devices and coffee machines. This expansion should give customers the option to buy sustainably at cheaper prices across a broad range of products.

In the past years, refurbed has also broadened its geographical footprint and is now active in 9 European markets and has launched a dedicated B2B offering for businesses to make procurement of IT products much more sustainable.

In 2022, Refurbed was named Top Start-Up in Austria by LinkedIn.