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Internet and the growing reach of smartphones are transforming the way retailers operate. With the emergence of these digital channels, consumers are more connected, more demanding, better informed and more impatient.

To adapt, stores need to reinvent themselves, using digital technology to connect, to get to know, to guide, to inform and to assist consumers at the point of sale. Retailers can also make each shelf an information and advertising platform and become large-scale precision broadcasters for brands. By developing connectivity with shoppers at shelves, retailers will become a significant source of consumer data.

For each one of these challenges, SES-imagotag offers a solution, as the next major digital battle will play out in stores.

Automate and synchronise pricing

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Sleek and modern, the VUSION electronic shelf label fits every environment seamlessly. Thinner than any tag before, it adds a modern touch to every retailer’s store. In a variety of colors, VUSION remains elegant while fitting the retailer’s corporate design.

Introduce latest innovations: The latest generation of digital price tags, merging the best of our solution and ready to revolutionize the retail tech world

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Connect shoppers at the shelf & provide in-store services

No need to download another app – clients can now get easy access to in-store and online services. When shoppers arrive in store, they have access to free Wi-Fi via our Access Points. Connecting to this network opens a web page with a range of omnichannel services.

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Advertise at the shelf with brands

Bring brands & retailers together with AdShelf. HD color digital labels are extremely effective advertising tools, positioned in front of every product in the store and remotely actionable via our Cloud-based software. Thanks to AdShelf, brands and retailers can now design, manage and deploy fully synchronized digital advertising campaigns in-store.

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