Kaspersky is a global cybersecurity company, with a global vision and a focus on international markets. Our mission is to build a safer world for consumers and businesses alike. We believe in a tomorrow where technology improves our lives. Which is why we secure it, so everyone everywhere can enjoy the endless opportunities it brings.

At this year’s TCG Summit in Vienna, we’re going to show retailers, how they can enable their customers to use technologies safely and trust them. Retailers are an important element in bringing on the future for their customers, in empowering them to secure their privacy, money and other values that are really important to them, so they can enjoy their lives without worrying about cybersecurity risks.


The global pandemic led to rapid digital transformation, not only within organizations but in society at large, taking the matter of cybersecurity to a whole new level. Despite the speed of cybersecurity technology development, new threats continue to arise, creating a constant race between defence and attack. This makes the need for comprehensive cybersecurity to protect against existing and future threats critical – for consumers and businesses, including retailers, alike. Business decisionmakers need to proactively strengthen their security precautions against cyberattacks of any kind.

Kaspersky’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions achieves all of this thanks to the combination of our unique, nearly 25-years old expertise, threat intelligence and machine learning that enables us to develop robust technologies to detect, block and prevent cyberattacks. Kaspersky is forever innovating and delivering protection that’s effective, usable and accessible. We pride ourselves on developing world-leading security that keeps us – and every one of our 400 million users protected by our technologies, and 240,000 corporate clients – one step ahead of potential threats.

The most effective way of building a safer world is via collaboration and common, truly joint efforts between retailers and a cybersecurity vendor such as we are. This kind of synergy provides the highest level of protection to consumers. Kaspersky is proud of its network of trusted and highly reputable retailers and partners and strives to continue delivering first-class technology and products as well as developing outstanding initiatives and campaigns together with and for its retailers.