Recommerce Group is the pioneer and one of the leaders in Europe in refurbishment of high tech products and smartphones. Founded in 2009, Recommerce is the enabler of circular economy and partners with key retailers and telcos in Europe to help them buyback, refurbish and resell as many products as possible.

Recommerce offers multiple solutions to allow the full optimisation of the circular economy value chain, of which trade in solutions, refurbishment, resell. Recommerce operates across Europe and has more than 400 active customers.

Recommerce strategy is to continue its product diversification, and go beyond current categories (smartphones, tablets, laptops, game consoles and smart watches).


As an enabler of circular economy, Recommerce aims at offering merchants to be re-merchants and has developed several solutions to meet stakeholders’ demand:
1. Trade-in solutions for any structures such as companies, administrations via a dedicated scheme and for all consumers by developing many online, free and safe platforms.
2. Circular X, a SaaS launched in 2021, allowing every stakeholder such as retailers to provide its own customers trade-in, refurbishment and reselling.
3. A multiproduct dynamic to enlarge its scope of activity and the spread of circular economy in diverse high tech sectors.

In line with a circular and responsible economy, the company promotes trade in and reuse of devices through implementing artificial intelligence technologies in the industrial sector. Recommerce is ISO 9001 & 14001 certified, has been granted the Label RecQ, the first European label certifying the quality of the final products and is ranked Premium Partner by Ecovadis.