SES-imagotag is the global leader in digital solutions for physical retail and electronic shelf labels (ESLs), which are not only a simple price automation tool, but a key enabler to the ongoing Retail IoT revolution. SES-imagotag allows retailers to connect and digitize their physical stores, automate low-value-added processes, improve operational efficiency, inform and serve customers; ensure information integrity to continuously optimize on-hand inventory, prevent stock-outs and create an omnichannel service platform that builds loyalty and meets evolving consumer expectations.
SES-imagotag has equipped over 30,000 stores totaling 300 million electronic shelf labels in more than 60 countries.

In this context, we are product to introduce two innovative solutions at this year’s TCG Summit in Budapest: Captana and VUSION Ads. Both are here to enable brands to boost their in-store presence and visibility.

Maximize product availability with Captana

Based on computer vision and artificial intelligence, Captana helps physical retailers and brands to better monitor shelves and products in real-time. By leveraging wireless minicameras (ShelfEye), Captana allows anyone to visualize live, through the Cloud and at any time, what customers see in stores.

As a result, Captana boosts product availability, while enabling brands to leverage agile and actionable insights. Therefore, they can ensure that merchandising plans are respected and compliant with initial projects, remotely and 24/7.

Already awarded multiple times and implemented in leading retailers, Captana is available to all retailers and brands across the world.

Increase in-store visibility and boost your campaigns with VUSION Ads


Thanks to our VUSION platform, each brand can define and plan digital campaigns that will appear on digital labels in stores. The campaigns are as flexible as digital advertising campaigns displayed on social media and search results, but appear in front of each product, at the moment of purchase. This is why we call VUSION Ads a programmatic tool. We have recorded a significant uplift generated by VUSION Ads campaigns, and we provide reporting tools to help brands monitor their success.

Visibility campaigns are long term focused: they highlight features chosen by each brand to help them stand out and convince shoppers. Brands also have the ability to interact with them through smartphone interactions (QR Code/NFC). Shoppers will then have access to rich content, more information, customer reviews, videos and much more. On top of that, brands can sponsor the use of bigger labels or animated displays to ensure maximum visibility.

VUSION Ads is also designed to support short campaigns such as product launches, contests and other marketing events. In that case the product label is supplemented with big displays at the entrance of the product’s category corner or aisle to catch the shopper’s attention. Through consistent messages and coherent displays along the shopper’s journey, VUSION Ads makes campaigns very impactful.