Location: Zoeterwoude, NL

Size: 2100 sqm

Opened: February 2017

BCC makes smart home accessible!

The Dutch retailer BCC – part of the French Fnac-Darty Group – opened a unique smart home concept in one of their stores. It is a smart home shop in shop of about 20m2. The presentation of a report on developments and opportunities in smart home was the kick-off of this brand new shop in shop concept at BCC Zoeterwoude just south of Schiphol Airport. “With this initiative, BCC makes smart home accessible for everyone and shows with information, inspiration and on the spot product demonstrations how an everyday home could become smart in an agile, easy and affordable manner.” states Commercial Director Manuel Buskop.

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Make life better, easier & more enjoyable

Smart home is the widely-used term for intelligent products that communicate via the internet: both with the consumer and with each other. Imagine devices that heat, secure and illuminate the house, but also smart refrigerators, remotely controlled washing machines, cutting-edge routers and advanced smart health ‘applications’. Solutions that make our homes more comfortable, safer, healthier and more energy efficient. And our lives better, easier & more enjoyable. Through the self-learning ability of these devices our life will ultimately become completely intuitive and understand perfectly our daily habits and preferences. Trend watchers see this world ‘connected convenience’ as the next big thing.

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The world of consumer electronics is thus becoming more and more complex. Orientation typically starts online, but the right answer for a personal situation cannot always be found on the mass variety of websites. According to a recent European online GfK survey among 20,000 consumers, more than half of the respondents want to ‘touch ‘n feel’products before the purchase. “Innovation is the driver towards the future. We believe that BCC adds significant value to consumers in this new development. From an omnichannel approach – with 71 stores nationwide, an inspirational website and over 1,000 skilled and highly trained product specialists – we are more than ever ready and able to seamlessly fulfill the consumers’ need for information, inspiration & experience. On an average customer rate us already with an 8,4 on Dutch review sites like kieskeurig.nl, which is fully in line with our internal customer satisfaction surveys.”

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Forward thinking

The dynamics in consumer electronics are huge. Consumers are no longer open to a sales pitch, but choose for honest, personal and unselfish advice. “Ambassadorship, experience, partnerships, reviews &service”appear dominantly in the modern “word clouds”. Advice, driving value and the voice of the consumer are therefore key words in this new concept. The focus is no longer on sales but on offering solutions, product experience and inspiration for any individual situation. “We believe that well-informed consumers ultimately will make the purchase with us. Our product specialists in this smart home concept are not primarily evaluated on sales KPI’s, but basically on customer satisfaction. This is consumer centricity as it is supposed to be and for us the only model for the future. In a seamless collaboration with leading, innovation-driven brands such as Samsung, Siemens, Philips, Tado, Dyson, Nest and Sonos we relevantly fulfill this model in our smart home with the latest innovations” according to Buskop.

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Service driven retailing

This service is the next introduction in a series of new and improved services that BCC will launch the times to come and is fully consistent with the high service levels expected by today’s consumer. In addition to the recent successful launch of our consumer centric “live chat” with instore product specialists, this is the latest step to avoid the traditional pain points in a customer journey which certainly underlines the added value of our physical stores. The ultimate goal is to bring the concept within reach of all consumers with a nationwide network of at least ten smart homes. The second smart home concept will be opened late March in a new BCC store in Den Bosch. “There we will even improve the experience by making a further connection with related assortments and developments such as virtual reality and gaming” says Henk van Hattem, Head of Category Management IT. Local experts see this new retail concept as “a step in the right direction.” BCC again raises the bar in consumer electronics and takes with this unique brand-independent concept a leading role in the development of smart home.

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