Attensi is the leading provider of gamified simulation training. Engage your staff with immersive 3D training, powered by the best insights from human psychology, learning, and gaming.

Whether on mobile, desktop, or VR, empower your people to master new skills withtraining. Recreate their environments with advanced realistic 3D graphics, realistic, and interactive dialogues with voice-acted avatars to test their knowledge. All in a safe, learning-by-doing environment.

Attensi has delivered gamified simulation training in over 140 countries, in more than 30 languages. Our customers include BSH, BCG, Mercedes Benz, Circle K, Accenture, Hiscox, and many more.


What solutions does Attensi offer?

All solutions can be tailored to address a wide range of business and training challenges.

  • Attensi BEHAVIOUR – Our flagship simulations use advanced 3D graphics, motion-captured characters, and interactive scenarios to achieve lasting behavioural change and adoption. Playable through mobile, desktop or VR, these simulations fully immerse users in a repeatable learning-by-doing environment. One that allows them to practice, fail, and try again in a safe space designed to visually recreate the challenges they will face in their workplace.
  • Attensi SKILLS – Mobile-first, feature-rich simulations designed to offer training wherever your people are. Using a roster of engaging minigames and challenges. Users typically repeat their modules many times over, resulting in high learning effect and counteracting the forgetting curve. Friendly competition is encouraged using leader boards, points, ‘battle-mode’, and other incentives. SKILLS training is particularly useful for bringing otherwise dry learning material to life with snackable, fast-paced gamified training.
  • Attensi PROCESS – Realistic and entertaining simulations of IT-centric processes. These simulations enable employees to master IT systems rapidly and earn certifications where necessary.

It guides users through any IT processes that they will use in their daily roles. Using heatmaps and true-to-life scenarios users are shown the step-by-step processes they will need to master to become certified. Quiz challenges a skill games help to solidify their training, which users can repeat as many times as they feel necessary.