AMERIA – Connected Experience.

The traditional model of the customer journey no longer applies – at least not in the digital world. While reaching customers at various stages along predefined paths used to be a predictable business, today customers have complete control about when and how they interact with a brand. At each touchpoint, customers expect a personalized experience that offers them added value. So in a digital context, communication and brand loyalty tend to be more complex, dynamic, and intuitive.

How can electrical retailers react on the changed customers’ needs and offer exactly what their customers are looking for at respective touchpoints and time?

AMERIA therefore created the end-to-end solution of the “Connected Experience”.

Interactive touchpoints in retail areas create a point of experience for consumers. First, the attention of potential customers has to be attracted. One way to do so is by using Virtual Promoter, a life-size avatar that reacts to people walking by and establishes an extraordinary form of customer interaction controlled by gestures. Virtual reality (VR), mobile devices as well as interactive screens offer additional opportunities for customer interaction in retail. AMERIA is an expert in POS digitization and delivers from latest technologies to content creation.


AMERIA’s cloud software “CX Manager” offers a centralized device and app management of all interactive touchpoints. Content distribution, remote monitoring and scheduling are just a small excerpt of available features.

And how exactly does electrical retailers benefit? By analyzing customer behavior during these interactions, the retailer is able to optimize product offers and services, address customer needs more individually, and ensure long-term customer loyalty. All data generated by different devices is centrally collected in the CX Manager. Additionally AMERIA has many years of expertise in interface connections. Therefore, third-party systems can be easily integrated into CX Manager.

The Connected Experience in the area of automotive is successfully in operation worldwide. Other industries such as FMCG, healthcare and consumer electronics already started with piloting.


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