Open Voice Network, Unieuro and Baker McKenzie at the #TCG2020

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Jon Stine, Executive Director, Open Voice Network

Your shopper is speaking: how voice assistance is now changing shopping, from search to service. And where voice-driven commerce will be by 2023


Voice assistance. It’s now re-shaping the entire shopper path to purchase, from search (250 billion inquiries last year) to post-sale service. For retailers, voice can create a high-loyalty bond between your brand and your shoppers – or, if you’re not watching closely, cause you to lose your shoppers entirely. Join Jon Stine, Executive Director of the Open Voice Network for this fast-paced look at the industry implications of this transformative technology

Andrea Scozzoli, Chief Corporate Development, Unieuro, & President, Aires

Stronger collaboration between retail and industry to boost efficiency


EDIEL is a retail-industry co-project aimed at standardizing EDI across retailers and industry via a single protocol. Ten years since its launch, it is still the only initiative of its type in the CE sector worldwide. In today’s hyper-competitive market focused on consumers and quickly changing business paradigms, there is limited space for inefficiency and over-engineered back office and complex administrative processes. Resources and investments have to be primarily focused on consumers’ changing habits and technology development rather than individual customized back office and supply chain processes which may not bring added value or competitive advantage. Through EDIEL, a project co-founded by retailer and industry associations, the adoption of a single EDI standard has the enormous advantages of reducing cost by up to 75% via a global protocol for the entire order cycle and logistics process. EDIEL has also centralized the product catalogues into a simplified yet high quality real time product spec for the entire CE sector. EDIEL is now planning expansion at European level to share the same efficiency advantage across all European countries.

Fiona Carlin, Chief Executive EMEA, Baker McKenzie

Vertical restraints – can competition rules keep up with market trends?


The European Commission has launched the review of the EU competition rules governing distribution. It is generally accepted that the rules provide helpful legal certainty – a safe harbour – but they need updating to reflect market developments. The debate on how to reshape the law in this important area will touch on many interesting topics – some new, some old. Should resale price maintenance be treated more leniently? Should selective distribution be limited to luxury or high tech products? Should the list of prohibited hard-core restrictions be expanded to include online platform bans, retail MFNs and retail channelling (segmentation of retailers based on their price levels/pricing practices)? Should the competition rules govern data – who owns it, who can share it, for what purpose?

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