METRO GROUP’s demerger is taking shape

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September 2016

After the successful completion of the analysis phase, the planned demerger of METRO GROUP into two independent, strong and stock-listed retail companies is taking concrete shape: the necessary details with regard to corporate law, tax law and the respective capital structure of the two entities were clarified. On Sept 5, the Management Board ofMETRO AG, after completion of the reviews, decided to start with the preparations required for a demerger ofMETRO GROUP. The Supervisory Board approved the plans on the occasion of an extraordinary meeting held on Monday. Effective from 30 September, the group will be split into two organisationally separate entities on a pro-forma basis.

Technically, the group split is achieved by spinning off and separate the Wholesale and Food business(METRO Cash & Carry and Real) as well as other related entities and business activities such as logistics, IT and real estate. The remaining group activities will essentially comprise the roughly 78% majority shareholding in Media-Saturnas well as other affiliated companies.

In late March 2016, the Management Board of METRO AG had announced that it would examine a split of the group into a Wholesale and Food Specialist company and a company focused on Consumer Electronics products and services as the logical next step in the transformation of the group. Both companies are to be managed as separately listed stock corporations with their own distinct profile, management and Supervisory Boards. The underlying conviction is that, by focussing on their respective industry and customer segment, both companies will be able to develop larger growth perspectives. Both companies stay based in Düsseldorf.

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