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Interactive solutions for consumer dialogue at the point of sale

Today, brick and mortar retailers need to meet the needs of an audience shaped by the digital world. Approaches such as Hybrid Retail offer its customers the fundamental benefits of a retail store combined with the appeal of digital and interactive technologies.

How can electrical retailers present their innovative products and create extraordinary retail experiences for their brands?


AMERIA is working towards changing the face of stationary retail. The company provides solutions that combine the digital and real to create unique excitement – Hybrid Retail. In one of their latest projects which was accompanied by a GfK research they tested Virtual Promoter in three stores of a leading European electrical retailer. Virtual Promoter is one of the Hybrid Retail solutions of AMERIA. It is a live-size avatar that interacts, advises, emotionalizes and delights the customers via gesture recognition.

The research showed Virtual Promoter successfully engages people and provides a new type of customer experience at the store.

With Virtual Promoter AMERIA attracts attention. The so-called stopping power engages passersby to address them directly. More than half of the interviewees felt directly addressed by Virtual Promoter.

The majority of the respondents stated that Virtual Promoter fits the concept of the electrical retailer and perfectly corresponds to the innovative image.

Customers in electrical retail are more likely to test new technologies. The study showed that more than 80 % of the respondents felt curious about the technique of Virtual Promoter. This technology together with appealing content is a great chance for retailers to satisfy customers technical enthusiasm.

AMERIA is focusing on the strengths of stationary point of sale and enhancement of physical with digital experiences. The company is a pioneer in the field of Hybrid Retail and digital transformation of stationary retail.


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