Klaus Peter Voigt, Chief Procurement Officer, Media-Saturn Holding

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Retail as a service

As Retail continues to struggle with its promise to provide a truly satisfying customer experience we are all trying hard to push boundaries: with even smarter CRM measures and personalization tactics. We are preparing to use artificial intelligence to try to differentiate from competitors. We want to increase basket size and build customer loyalty. But what if we are only focusing on parts of the problem? Having the privilege of being part of this Think Tank; I venture the thesis that our mission is not only to try to reimagine the customer experience but to rethink retail. Let’s have a look at the three key actors in this triangular motion which drive our business – Suppliers, Retailers and Customers: Analyzing natural dependencies and possibly unexploited potentials whilst extending my questioning about the future role of selling hardware as an end in itself – or we can rethink it as an vehicle for the true demand of our customers: Content and Services & Solutions.

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