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The Lines are Blurring

Everyone is asking the same question: Where are omnichannel sales heading? Karl Trautmann, member of the management board, ElectronicPartner gives us his point of view.

Regardless of whether stationary retail sector or simple online retailer, the two are moving towards each other and developing omnichannel concepts. Even for customers, there are no noticeable differences and maybe that’s good. Thus, we reach the customer immediately and everywhere, in fact with the same service level. We believe there is an enormous growth potential.

What do you imagine the balance between online and bricks & mortar retail will be in five years’ time, and what will be the key to sales success?

One of the key success factors is the rapid or immediate availability of products. Our existing store network is a great advantage over online-pure-players, as they have to compensate by cost-intensive same day delivery. Here, we are one step ahead, and inspire our customers with an optimum interaction.

What about mergers and acquisitions? Will we see more “big pervasive” players or a multiplication of smaller ones?

Particularly in niche segments, some small retailers operate very quickly and are very customer-focused. Probably these retailers will cooperate with major players or even will be acquired in future. However, the small retailers whose concept can be easily replaced will have less market opportunities over the long-term.

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