Karl Trautmann, Member of the Management Board, ElectronicPartner

A mix of permanent change of customer demands, the use of rather short-lived digital applications in order to meet the customer’s requirements in combination with totally new product worlds mean there is no one single challenge.

Our best chance, which we are already using very successfully in the stationary retail sector, lies in the increasingly strong final user needs for a comprehensive orientation and personal consultation. If we are able to meet the specific customer requirements with an excellent, professional service on a high convincing human level, we will have the best chance for success.

The path to change
I would never judge the foresight and the courage to a critical self-reflection of others. In 2017, we at Electronic Partner are proud to celebrate our 80th anniversary. Since 1937 we have been proving continuously that we are managing the “change”. An essential criterion for success is to be in touch with the final customer’s needs as closely as possible. And, very importantly: taking ownership and drive the business; don’t just waiting for things to happen.

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