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How Facebook works with eCommerce and transformational retail partners

Kai Herzberger is the Director DACH and EMEA for eCommerceand Transformational Retail at Facebook. With his team across Germany and Europe he is responsible for all eCommerce and transformational retail partners that are growing their business and business value via Facebook. We asked him to tell us more about his work…

Central to this job is consulting our partners in relation to their transformation into the new mobile and video era, which the industry is undergoing at the moment. Another important area of our work in cooperation with our partners is establishing people-based measurements across all marketing channels. We are investing a lot to drive strong business outcomes for our partners and clients. I am excited about being at the forefront of what we call the “Digital Revolution” within the market, mainly caused by the mobile shift. People live their lives on mobile, and especially mobile video is getting more and more important. This changes how people discover products, as well as how they interact with companies, products and the things they love.

How is the role of Facebook changing when it comes to the purchasing public?

Facebook’s mission is to bring the world closer together and that includes connecting people and businesses.

Businesses can build and empower communities, not only across Facebook but also via Instagram, the Audience Network and Messenger. All of these platforms allow them to authentically connect with the right people at the right time, to build communities around their mission and products. Today there are more than 70 million business pages on Facebook and over 15 million Instagram business profiles. But there are still more businesses that start their digital transformation and it is our goal to connect them with the people and community they care about.

What will be the “key take away” from your presentation on the future of commerce at the TCG Summit?

Advertisers should not be afraid to embrace mobile. The shift in consumer behaviour that is connected with this new channel is similar to when TV took the majority of time spent from radio in the 1960s. It is something we name as top priority when we talk about marketing today.

On mobile, people discover and interact with products, services and businesses. It is the entry point and in most cases also the end point of a customer journey,
and an important business value driver. And: Mobile is changing the way of how marketing works today. It is not about looking at online vs. offline anymore, but on how online activities induce offline actions like sales and vice versa.

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