Jaan Ivar Semlitsch, Chief Executive Officer, Elkjop Nordic

 In Retail Store

ChallengesNot delivering enough value to the customer and strong enough customer proposition. Making sure to become even more cost efficient, and keeping up to date with all new systems and tools. In addition, how to take into account falling footfall into the stores, and how to take this into account without losing customer focus. Moreover, putting enough resources into the organisation to develop the digital growth. Important also in a large retail organisation is to make sure we all have the same shared goals and the same set of values.

OpportunitiesInnovation of products and services and therefore even more growth. In addition, seamless integration of online and offline, as well as opportunities to develop new customer segments and new growth areas. The advantage in our industry is that we will have new growth opportunities all the time, due to strong innovation. In addition, we have space in our stores to show these products. Moreover, there are big opportunities related to services and also owning the home/home installation.

The path to changeBeing a strong market leader, but still remaining flexible, is important, while making sure we are doing enough to adapt. As always, all those in the organisation must have the mindset to be willing to adapt to new things, and implement this quickly.

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