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How eMAG consolidates its number one position in Romania

Romanian e-commerce leader sees customer experience through technology-drive omnichannel


Before his speech at the conference we asked Iulian Stanciu, CEO of eMAG what are the main market trends in e-commerce?

Ensuring the best customer experience and personalization are the two main market growth drivers of today. Whilst customer experience revolves around multichannel strategy, strong operations competencies and good category management, the latter concerns more the clients’ expectations
and e-tailers’ ability to use technology to improve the entire journey.

Thinking ahead, in the coming years we put a lot of emphasis on two main drivers for growth, reducing the “distance in time” between customers and products and growing the customer engagement by further broadening the range we are offering. By “distance in time” we mean scaling further our premium delivery services (1 hour delivery, same day delivery) and also our parcel lockers that offer our customers more flexibility in their delivery options.

At eMAG we use big data and research to understand the customers’ needs and expectations and then use technology to create a better user experience through customized content, premium services and offers for each client. That is why in the past years, we have been focusing a lot on developing a mobile first approach to e-commerce which paid off.

Now with the majority of traffic coming from mobile and especially from our state-of-the-art mobile app, we see higher engagement and conversion rates compared to desktop users. Key to this mobile success was also the technology we built around merchandising and search where we offer our customers the ability to easily find the right product in an offer of more than 7 million items. The multiple payment options are another example of technology gambles that we took and had a positive outcome. Customers everywhere expect a seamless, hustle free and secure payment process and an integration with the new services available on the market.

Can you describe the role and importance of marketplace partners in your business?
The marketplace ecosystem is key to offering a strong customer experience. It helps us to enrich our selection and gives access to the customer at a much broader range. The marketplace sellers, with their strong entrepreneurial and product knowhow, are able to spot trends and niches in the markets that otherwise would be very hard to leverage.

You recently opened a showroom, can you explain how you mix and integrate brick and mortar with online?
We spent a lot of time understanding the customer journey and drivers behind each customer’s decision to purchase our products. What we found is that certain segments of customers and certain segments of products there need to be physical contact for the purchase barriers to disappear. So, what we did was to put our technology and data expertise to enrich the customer’s journeys with the purpose to create the best mixed online and offline experience.

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