Henk Tromp, Store Owner, Expert Leeuwarden/NL

 In Retail Store

“If the customer wanted information about the pricing of a product in a store before the availability of internet-information he or she had to visit at least two competitive stores. These days this is not necessary anymore. If a customer is looking for information about the pricing of a product during a visit in a preferred store he or she can make use of his mobile device.

This means two things:

  1. You have to have the right pricing in store.
  2. You should facilitate price comparison in your store by quality Wifi or computer screens. You have to organize transparency!

Under these circumstances the customer does not need to visit a second store to make up his mind and he or she can close the deal!

The only real issue for store owners in this time is to present mostly (design full) products with added value that needs to be presented, advised and/or demonstrated and only work with partners/suppliers who appreciate your function in presentation, advice and service. In that way they reward your effort and facilitate a margin on products that makes your store profitable.

At the end of the day, retail needs quality stores to sell complex, design full and emotional products.”

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