Enrique Martinez, General Manager France, Fnac

ChallengesThe main focus of our attention is on creating value in our product categories, from White Goods to Electronics, as well as in the Culture and Entertainment categories; innovation and the ability to promote these categories will be key. Assisting customers with online consumption is fully in keeping with the network of Fnac Darty stores, which have a large presence in our regions, especially in France.

OpportunitiesGroupe Fnac Darty now represents a single platform for brands to offer a unique experience to customers, either in the stores or online, with over 600 retail stores. We intend to offer our customers an ecosystem of innovative and effective services, which will be strong differentiation factors.

The path to changeWe have undergone an extensive process to transform our organisational structure and our retail stores over the last few years. Digitisation remains an economic challenge, as does adapting our logistics and operating tools. The industry needs to create value so that it can continue to invest not only in product innovation but also in the customerexperience.
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