Phillip Raub

Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, b8ta, Silicon Valley/USA
Topic: How can physical retail thrive in a technology obsessed world?

Over the past decade, we have seen major disruption occur in transportation (Uber), hospitality (Airbnb) and communications (Facebook). However, despite all of the innovation that exists within the development of Consumer Electronics, retail within the technical consumer goods sector continues to languish and be one of the slowest moving industries to adopt technology and new go to market strategies.

In retail apparel, companies like H&M and Zara challenge the status quo through innovative manufacturing and product development cycles. Warby Parker eliminated the middleman (insurance companies) and let consumers buy trendy eyewear at a flat and economical rate.

It’s time that those technological advances occur in the TCG sector. In fact, it is starting to happen, and Phillip will explain how it is happening and how senior leaders in the TCG space can evolve their businesses to adapt to these changes.

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