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GfK Purchasing Power Europe 2017

According to a recent GfK study, Europeans had an average of €13,937 available for spending andsaving in 2017. But this purchasing power was very unevenly distributed. First-ranked Liechtenstein had €63,267 per person, while the Ukraine had just €949 per person. Conditions also widely varied within individual countries.

Technical Consumer Goods 2018

How will sales for key product groups develop in Europe?

GfK: Break from technology

A third of the online population across 17 countries firmly agree with the statement, “I find it difficult to take a break from technology (my mobile device, computer, TV, etc.), even when I know I should”. Download the GfK “Break from technology” report showing findings by gender, age and income for each country.

2018 TCG summit program
GfK: The state of ecommerce in Europe

How are internet sales developing for key technical consumer goods?

GfK: How to attract Black Friday shoppers