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On the basis of a large international retail network, Commerce Connector´s Buy Now solutions create a convenient shopping experience for consumers. By guiding consumers from digital brand touchpoints to a retailer’s POS, they build a seamless path of purchase. More than 4,200 retailers e.g. Darty, Euronics, Mediamarkt, Saturn are already connected to the Commerce Connector platform.

Brands show consumers where to purchase a specific product, by adding a buy option shown on their digital presence. A selection of retailers, that have the specific product in stock, will be displayed and with just one click, consumers are being forwarded to the respective product page in the retailer’s online shop.

Commerce Connector

Reflecting multi channel consumer behavior, inventory visibility is essential in successful digital brand activities. To meet consumers demands during their buying journey, Commerce Connector also enables brands to
include their retailers’ local product availability on their digital touchpoints. Static store locators transform to dynamic product locators, equipped with click and collect function, if supported by connected retailers.
Consumers can find the closest retailer in their vicinity that carries the desired product.

Commerce Connector Tefal

To feed both solutions, Commerce Connector interfaces directly with thousands of online shops and retail stores that have joined their platform in recent years. On the one hand this allows to precisely show where a specific product is currently available. On the other hand connected retailers profit from high quality traffic and store visitors with a high buying intent – free of charge.

About Commerce Connector: Commerce Connector is a Software-as-a-Service company, headquartered in Germany with offices in France, Great Britain and Taiwan. With their global platform they aggregate inventory and product availability data since 2009 to connect international brands like 3M, Groupe SEB, Kyocera or LG Electronics with online and local retailers.


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