Best Buy brings start-up tech to consumer´s homes

 In Retail Store

“Ignite” is the name of the new initiative of the largest U.S. electrical retailer which works with start-ups interested in selling through Best Buy stores or online. Manufacturers are encouraged to apply through the company’s website. The No.1 retailer in electronics has started a partnership with PCH, a product accelerator that assists with development, manufacturing, packaging and inventory management.

As part of this program, Best Buy revealed the enhanced floor space dedicated to start-ups in its new Mountain View, California, store. The store, which just opened on Sept. 16, sells such crowdfunded products as the ZuliSmartplug, RoBo 3D printer, and Noke Bluetooth padlock. The products are highlighted within newly designed dedicated floor space that also shows off new wearables from such companies as Bragi, Under Armour and Muzik., meanwhile, will start to sell all of these start-up wares and more, highlighted on a new Ignite page slated in the coming months.

Tech-savvy consumers have increasingly gone to crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to procure the latest and greatest and many retailers are anxious to set a footpring in this selling opportunity. Several of the products mentioned above can also be found through other mass-market retailer.

Likewise, Best Buy is not the first retailer offering a start-up assistance initiative: Amazon launched a similar program last summerand has recently enhanced the programwith the addition of Kickstarter products.