TCG Awards

Rewarding the most innovative brands in TCG

The TCG Awards are the most prestigious awards in our industry today – the “Oscars” of Technical Consumer Goods (TCG). The awards recognize the most innovative TCG brands* operating in EMEA. Not only will the awards inspire brands to demonstrate that they are the “best of the best”, but they will also inspire the industry as a whole by creating powerful storytelling value. Winners are selected by the “Grand Jury”, comprised of top management from leading EMEA tech retailers and a top representative of GfK. We are looking for the Brand of the Year, the best Integrated Marketing Campaign, the most exciting Technology Innovation, the most powerful Disruptor and the most outstanding Individual from the industry. These five awards offer you the chance to be recognized for your successes and achievements in the global TCG industry.

*With the term “brands” it is meant manufacturers/suppliers

TCG Awards 2019 Winners

Integrated Marketing Award


Technology Innovation Award


Disruptor Award


Leadership Award

Dr. Reinhard Zinkann (Miele)

Brand of The Year Award


Integrated Marketing Award
Technology Award
Disruptor Award
Leadership Award
Brand of The Year Award

The Awards

From the five awards mentioned above, you may submit an application for the following three categories:

Integrated Marketing Award

Technology Innovation Award


Applications are free of charge

The “Brand of the Year Award” and the “Leadership Award” will be chosen directly by the Grand Jury.

Last year’s Winners

Technology Innovation


Brand of the Year


Integrated Marketing

Summit Images

The Grand Jury

Klaus Peter Voigt


European Retail Alliance

Hans Carpels


Euronics International

Enrique Martinez


Fnac Darty


Jaan Ivar Semlitsch


Elkjop Nordic

Karl Trautmann

Member of the

Management Board,


Enrique Fernandez

Group CEO,


Alejandro Mondragon

Global Lead Retail,


Applications are free of charge

The “Brand of the Year Award” and the “Leadership Award” will be chosen directly by the Grand Jury.

November 1, 2018
Application process opens
January 25, 2019
Application process closes
February 20, 2019
Shortlist announced
April 3, 2019
Winners announced

For enquiries:


Choose and apply for nominations*

Integrated Marketing Award

In 2018, have you delivered a successful, international and truly integrated integrated campaign (e.g. a new product launch or a seasonal campaign) that created value and demand?

The judgment will be based on the following three dimensions:

1. Has the campaign connected your brand activity with the activation in retail with the retailer (e.g. the point of sale was seamlessly integrated with your TV advert)?

2. Was your campaign integrated across the marketing channels between you and the retailer (e.g. your company's website and the retailer's website were aligned, there was an amazing social media campaign etc. Thus, the integration functioned across different marketing channels and, importantly, you delivered correct and professional digital content to the retailer).

3. Did your marketing campaign drive the whole category? Thus, not only was your product impressive but it also stimulated the entire category.

Technology Innovation Award

In 2018, which of your brand's innovations enabled your retail client to excite customers and demonstrate a new technology to them in the best way?

This could be any type of innovation: a new feature, a product design, a new product, or the creation of a whole new categroy. It could also be the reinvention or shifting of a category (for example creating higher value for the whole category).

Disruptor Award

In 2018, have you, as a brand, done something truly different?

This award is for disruptors who created positive value and opportunities. This could be a product, a service, or an application. The size of your company does not matter: the winner could be a global brand or a startup company.

You may also send 10 MB+ files via WeTransfer to

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To assist with your application, here are some hints and tips – take a closer look below:

  1. Your application is completely free of charge
  2. You can apply to one, two or all three awards
  3. For each award category, please fill in a separate application template
  4. Be as precise and comprehensive in your description as possible
  5. The more compelling your description, the more likely it is that you will capture the attention of the Grand Jury
  6. Evidence of commercial success – Ensure that your application is supported by tangible and accurate figures
  7. You may support your application with visual material such as videos, powerpoints, statistics, analysis or screenshots
  8. The more complete your application, the higher the chance you will be selected for the shortlist by the Grand Jury
  9. The 4th and 5th award, the “Leadership” Award and the “Brand of the Year” Award – will be chosen directly by the Grand Jury.
  10. Should you have any questions during the application process or encounter any issue, please contact our project manager Anton at, +41 43 50 83 356

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