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After its Italian debut, EDIEL is set to spread across Europe


EDIEL is a joint project between Electrical Retailers and Industry aimed to standardise the entire order cycle and supply chain. We asked Andrea Scozzoli to tell us more about the project.

The Project was co-founded by both distribution and industry associations and it is governed by industry and retail members alike. By using a “single global protocol”, EDIEL enables the simplification and standardisation of a fully dematerialised order-to-invoice cycle as well as synchronising the supply chain. As a result, manual transactions are enormously reduced as are related costs. This approach frees resources which can be reallocated to add value to sales activities.

How long has it been in the making, and how is it rolling out?
EDIEL was first established in Italy in 2008. Its launch took about two years of technical and strategic preparation, including a strong consensus among all parties led by associations. It is now intended to be deployed across all European countries, thanks to the establishment of the retailers’ newly founded association, EUCER. This European rollout will take place over the next six months for the product catalogue and will require another six months to move EDI transaction from test environment to production in each country. Today, it is still the sole example of full collaboration of this kind in the electronics market.

How are you leveraging the TCG summit to “get the word out”?
The TCG summit is the perfect forum to share and promote standardisation and collaborative models as it was the theme of the summit last year. The concept of “retailerindustry engagement and collaborative model”, as stated by Chris Buecker, is the foundation of EDIEL’s core competency and the fundamental success factor of its development.

Can you give us an example of the use of EDIEL for retailers?
Retailers develop only one interface rather than hundreds, placing orders in the usual way. They are standardised by EDIEL, with the reception of invoices and delivery information notes all without any paper or any administrative manual intervention. Delivery slots can be booked via a collaborative logistic web platform in the very same language as well as receiving credit notes. Ultimately, retailers can access and download all supplier’s product catalogues via a central repository with HD pictures without dealing with email requests. EDIEL’s single protocol is also ready to interface with all European countries’ Tax Authorities’ mandatory shift into digital invoicing, without requiring retailers to develop an additional interface.

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