“Transition to customer commerce”

First in-person event in the CE industry after 18 months of pandemic

May 17 – 19, 2022
Hotel Hilton Park





The finalists of the TCG Awards 2021 are announced.


June 2, 16:00 CET
Future of Work, Skills and Jobs


Bracken Darrell

Bracken Darrell



Tiffany Foucault

Tiffany Foucault

Chief HR Officer,

Fnac Darty

Paula Coughlan

Paula Coughlan

Chief People Officer,

Dixons Carphone

Bulent Gurcan

Bulent Gurcan


Rainer Strack

Intro by: Rainer Strack

Senior Partner & MD,




Join the final session of the online TCG Summit Leaders Talk. A top-class industry panel will discuss a hot topic. In addition,
the winners 2020 of the prestigious TCG Awards will be announced.
Selling in a new world – How click & mortar retailers can retain their customers

Sergio Leme

Sergio Leme

President &amp

Chief Operating Officer,

Via Varejo


John Kalvin

VP & GM Global

Consumer Sales,


Lucas Perraudin

Lucas Perraudin

Head of AR/VR EMEA,



Matthias Ginthum

Chief Markets Officer,


Jessica Distler

Intro by: Jessica Distler

Partner & MD,

Boston Consulting Group

November 19, 15:40 CET


The TCG Summit will now take place from April 20-22, 2021 at New York Palace Hotel, Budapest, rescheduled from the original date of March 31 – April 2, 2020. This decision follows guidance in light of the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. The safety of our customers is our first priority. We look forward to bringing our event to Budapest in April, with the full support of our delegates, strategic partners and speakers. In case it will not possible to hold the summit in April 2021, we have arranged back-up dates from October 5-7, 2021
#TCG2020 starts in
TCG Summit Leaders Talk starts in:
The next TCG Summit Leaders Talk and TCG Award Ceremony starts on November 19, 15:40 CET

October 21, 16:00 CET

Topic: “TBC”


Anne-Laure Feldkircher

Group Strategy and M&A Director, Fnac Darty

Karl Trautmann

Karl Trautmann

Member of the Management Board, ElectronicPartner

Anna Ohlsson-Leijon

Anna Ohlsson-Leijon

CEO Business Area Europe, EVP, Electrolux

Thierry Gadou

Thierry Gadou

President and CEO, SES-imagotag

The International Think Tank and Leading Network Platform For Electrical Retail

It is the only time during the year when Presidents, CEOs, Managing Directors, Board Members, Heads of Procurement, Sales & KAM Directors, Marketing Directors, Chief Digital Officers, Head of ecommerce & omnichannel, Chief Customer Officers, Head of Retail Operations, Head of Sustainability, Supply Chain, Legal, D&I and other senior executives in the electrical retail sector, both national and international, will meet outside the usual exhibition dates. Be part of the internationally most exclusive networking circle within the TCG sector. Make invaluable connections and seize new business opportunities.
TCG Smart Report 2019

TCG Awards 2021 Winners


Category Specialist Award


Technology Innovation Award


Sustainability Award


Leadership Award

Dr. Reinhard Zinkann (Miele)

Brand of The Year Award


Consumers in the new era
Consumers in the new era
Smart Report
TCG Summit Leaders Talk highlights
Microbrands – the end game in consumer goods?

Industry Awards Finalists

Retailer Award Finalists

Summit Images

Speakers / Panelists 2022


Alex Baldock


Hans Carpels

Euronics International

Paula Coughlan

Paula Coughlan

Chief HR & Sustainability Officer,

Enrique Fernandez

Enrique Fernandez




Marta Gnjatovic

Head of Category Teams,



Enrique Martinez

Fnac Darty


Guido Monferrini

Chief Commercial Officer,

Sophie Moonen

Sophie Moonen

Head of Unit, DG Comp,

European Commission

Sarah Schaefer

Sarah Schaefer

VP Sustainability Europe,

Erik Sonsterud

Erik Sonsterud

Elkjop Nordic

Your key Takeaways at the International TCG Retail Summit:

Visionary Leadership
Be inspired by high quality presentations that are full of insights and information, presented by experts in direct presentations or panel discussions.
Added Value
Disruption is the new normal. Find answers relevant to you and the challenges you face in the electrical retail at the International TCG Retail Summit.
Make Invaluable Connections
Be part of the most exclusive networking circle in international electrical retailing with hundreds of decision makers.
Be inspired by newest technological tools and retail services and meet the most creative entrepreneurs who will share new ideas impacting the TCG retail and associated industry.

Structure of the Summit 2020

August 25:
Pre-Summit Welcome Reception
August 26:
Registration and Networking Session opens
Begin Conference
End of Conference Day 1
Dinner reception
Exclusive networking dinner
August 27:
Begin Conference Day 2
End of Conference Day 2



Budapest, August 25 – 27, 2020

Hotel New York Palace

Erzsébet krt. 9

1073 Budapest


Hotel New York Palace
Be there when the “Who’s Who” of TCG Retailing will meet in 2018!
Tickets are now available.


Application for:

Choose and apply for nominations (you can apply to one, two or all three awards)

Category Specialist Award

In the past years, most of the time the huge global brands (e.g. Samsung, LG, Google, etc) ended up on the shortlist of the different TCG Awards. With this award, we want to provide category specialists the chance to win. Thus, brands which are active in one specific head category (i.e. not across multiple head categories) or even only in a subcategory. Category Specialists can often be trendsetters. Head categories are Appliances (MDA&SDA), CE (TV, photo), IT etc.

The past year was again massively influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic. Have you, as a category specialist, impressed your retail partners through outstanding cooperation or performance, and how would you describe this extraordinary achievement? This could be share increase within the respective category, margin achievement, punctual delivery and in full despite the challenges of the pandemic (production, logistics etc.), professional collaborative forecasting, jointly aligned activities across all sales channels (online/in-store/social media), product innovation, sales growth, etc.

Technology Innovation Award

Over the past year, which of your brand´s technology innovations made the biggest difference for your retail partners, excited shoppers and demonstrated the new technology to them in the best way?

This could be any innovation: a feature, a product, new product design or the creation of a whole new category. It could also be the reinvention or shifting of a whole category, e.g. creating higher value for the whole category.

Sustainability Award

The TCG retail industry is increasingly conscious of its environmental responsibilities. It is clear that consumer and legislative pressures are also building and are encouraging, or even forcing businesses and manufacturers to take dramatic steps to improve sustainability. This category focuses on concrete measurements, strategic decisions made, binding action plans completed to support the company's determination in the field of sustainability.

  1. Do you measure sustainability (CO2 footprint) at all and how?
  2. Is there a defined and concrete reduction target and what does it say?
  3. Is there a clear, approved action plan for this? In which areas and with which targets do you aim to achieve the set sustainability targets? Can you submit a top-line summary of it?
  4. In the area of Sustainability, would you like to mention or submit any other achievement that enforces your application?

No greenwashing but true facts and figures, please. Uploading generic information material such as the latest annual report/latest sustainability report is not desired and rather counterproductive.

Retailer Award

The year 2021 was characterized by an ongoing pandemic environment.

Do you, as a retailer, have demonstrated readiness for the “phase 2” Covid era in adopting your operating model? In which ways have you catered to the following areas:

  1. Experience commerce
  2. Innovation
  3. Sustainability?

In addition to the information below, please fill in this form.

Support your listed success, concept or milestones with evidence (fact and figures, videos, infographics, statistics) to underpin your achievement. Be precise and concise and relate concretely to the respective question. Uploading generic information material such as the latest annual report/latest sustainability report is not desired and rather counterproductive.

To assist with your application, here are some hints and tips – take a closer look below:

  1. Your application is completely free of charge
  2. You can apply to one, two or all three awards
  3. For each award category, please fill in a separate application template
  4. Be as precise and comprehensive in your description as possible
  5. The more compelling your description, the more likely it is that you will capture the attention of the Grand Jury
  6. Evidence of commercial success – Ensure that your application is supported by tangible and accurate figures
  7. You may support your application with visual material such as videos, powerpoints, statistics, analysis or screenshots
  8. The more complete your application, the higher the chance you will be selected for the shortlist by the Grand Jury
  9. The 4th and 5th award, the “Leadership” Award and the “Brand of the Year” Award – will be chosen directly by the Grand Jury.
  10. Should you have any questions during the application process or encounter any issue, please contact our project manager Anton at anton@retail-plus.org, +41 43 50 83 356